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Oil Revitalizing Oleos De El Sunflower oil

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Oleos De El

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250 ml


The oil is made from peeled sunflower seeds. Medicinal properties of unrefined oil has the highest grade. According to its characteristics, this vegetable product can be compared with oils derived from olives, mustard seeds or soy. Useful qualities of the product allow it to be used in many sectors of the economy: from cooking to engineering. Currently, scientists all over the world are hotly debating the benefits and harms of sunflower oil every day, they conduct many comparative analyzes with other oils of plant origin and countless research.
Sunflower oil contains stearic, palmitic, myristic, arachidic, oleic, linoleic, linolenic fatty acids, as well as vitamins E, K, F.
The oil contains large amounts of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant, oxygenates the cells of the body, prevents the destruction of red blood cells, maintains the elasticity of blood vessels, the function of the sex glands, slows down the aging process of cells, reduces the likelihood of skin cancer.
Vitamin F contributes to the normalization of the nervous system, reduces the amount of inflammation in the body, promotes healing of wounds.
In folk medicine, sunflower oil is used to treat chronic diseases of the stomach, lungs, liver and intestines, to relieve toothache.
It enhances immunity, normalizes the work of the endocrine glands, activates mental activity, takes part in protein-carbohydrate metabolism.

In cosmetology, unrefined sunflower oil is used, the highest grade. It has a nourishing, emollient and moisturizing effect on dry skin. Apply this natural remedy with a cotton swab. When cracks appear on the skin, it is recommended to make a compress from sunflower oil overnight.
The producers of face masks use restoring, nourishing and drying qualities of sunflower oil.
Sunflower oil is also useful for hair, especially in winter. Before you wash your hair, you need to rub sunflower oil into the scalp and apply it to the entire length of hair. After that, the head must be wrapped with plastic and on top with a towel. This mask can be held on the hair longer.
Oil nourishes the skin, heals small rashes, damages, cracks and gives a special velvety shine.
100% raw oil made from selected varieties of local sunflower seeds. Wrung out in an oak press, without filtering.

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