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Oleos De El

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Linseed oil


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Flaxseed oil is a product derived from flax seed, which is the most valuable source of unsaturated fatty acids: oleic (omega-9), linoleic (omega-6), linolenic (omega-3). It has such important healing properties for human health, what is recommended for use as a dietary supplement on an ongoing basis throughout life.
Flaxseed oil is a source of vitamins B, E, K, phosphorus, calcium, omega-3.6 unsaturated fatty acids. Due to its rich chemical composition, it has a nourishing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, moisturizing effect on the skin. And when used internally, it boosts general immunity, stimulates body cleansing, lowers cholesterol, protects nerve cells from damage, and prevents the disruption of brain activity that develops with age. With regular use, flax seed oil improves concentration, memory, reduces the risk of depression, schizophrenia. This is a real panacea for women, because it normalizes hormones, supports youth and beauty of skin, hair, nails.
In diabetes, reduces the level of glucose, prevents the formation of diabetic polyneuropathy. Increases the effectiveness of treatment of skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis). In addition, flax oil contains natural antioxidant thioproline, which absorbs nitrates and nitrosamines, so it is recommended to add it to vegetable dishes grown using fertilizers.
Despite its beneficial properties, the intake of the product should be limited to people with individual intolerance, pregnant and lactating (only under medical supervision), people with pancreatic dysfunction, and diseases of the gallbladder.
Among the useful properties of the product emit:
1. Lowers cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure, protects against heart disease (angina, hypertension, prevents repeated heart attacks), reduces blood viscosity. It makes blood vessels more elastic, improves metabolism.
2. Relieves inflammation in fibrocystic mastopathy, gout, lupus. Reception of flaxseed oil eliminates swelling of the joints and alleviates sudden severe pains in them. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids increase the absorption of iodine.
3. Relieves from constipation, hemorrhoids. The crushed flax seed is rich in fiber, helps to cleanse the stomach sacs, prevents the development of a possible infection, reduces inflammation, and normalizes the work of the digestive tract. The oil has antiparasitic properties, removes colitis, gastritis, treats the liver. The product prevents the formation of kidney stones, the appearance of gallstone disease.
4. Improves the condition of the skin, is used to treat psoriasis, sunburn, acne, eczema. The essential fatty acids (EFAs) that make up flaxseed oil eliminate red itchy spots and soothe irritated derma. In addition, NLC reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands, the abundance of which clogs the pores, causes acne.
5. Supports healthy hair, nails. Lack of unsaturated fatty acids causes problems with the scalp: dandruff, psoriasis, eczema. Omega-3 strengthens fragile nails, prevents their separation, eliminates hair from dryness, dullness, prevents the cross section of the tips.
6. Improves the transmission of nerve impulses, eliminates tingling and numbness in the limbs, increases the effectiveness of treatment of Parkinson's disease. NLC prevent nerve damage in multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus.
7. Relieves the symptoms of menopause, endometriosis, menstrual pain. Flaxseed oil contains lignins, normalizing hormonal balance. In addition, NLC improves uterine function, helps eliminate problems with infertility, prevents the formation of prostaglandins, which cause bleeding during menstruation.
8. Slows down the aging process, reduces the risk of cancer (prostate, colon, breast).
9. Resists the occurrence of atherosclerosis, hypertension, stroke, blood clots.
10. Fights male infertility, impotence and prostate diseases (prevents its inflammation, swelling).
11. Stimulates the metabolism, improves the performance of weight loss, reduces appetite.
12. Accelerates the recovery of muscle tissue after intense sports and ligaments after sprains.
13. Facilitates the course of pregnancy, a positive effect on the formation of the brain of the unborn child.
14. Increases the effectiveness of the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, lungs and bronchi, the thyroid gland, kidneys, bladder.

With uncontrolled use, even the most useful product can harm human health. Flax seed oil quickly oxidizes (when heated and interacting with air), deteriorates from exposure to sunlight. Because of this, it is not recommended to heat treat it and keep it open for a long time. Otherwise, free radicals harmful to the body are formed in the oil.
Possible adverse reactions of the body when exceeding the dose:
1. The deterioration of blood clotting.
2. Diarrhea, while flatulence is not observed.
3. Allergic reactions: respiratory failure, rash, edema.

Contraindications to the use of flaxseed oil:
• taking painkillers and antidiabetic drugs;
• pregnancy and hormonal imbalance;
• medications that are aimed at reducing cholesterol, blood thinning;
• cholecystitis;
• polyps of the appendages and uterus;
• hepatitis;
• lactation;
• chronic pancreatitis;
• hypertension;
• increased blood clotting;
• liver obesity, impaired cell structure;
• taking hormonal contraceptives, antidepressants;
• diseases of the biliary tract;
• atherosclerosis.
Flaxseed oil is recommended to use with food, not subjecting to heat treatment. It goes well with sour milk drinks, juices, cottage cheese, vegetables. The oil is stored in a glass opaque container, tightly closed, in a refrigerator. After opening the container, the product is consumed within 5 to 7 days, otherwise the pathogens begin to actively multiply in it. For an adult, a safe daily dose is 30 milliliters.

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Linseed oil Oleos De El

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 Linseed oil Oleos De El

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