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Walnut has always been considered a symbol of wisdom, including because the shape of its core is somewhat similar to the human brain. More scientists in ancient Persia said:" The fruit of the nut is the brain, and its oil is the mind. "Indeed, in the composition of walnut oil substance, strengthen the nervous system and promote intellectual activity.
Walnuts, in addition to the benefits they bring by themselves, are also a source of very healthy oil. It is obtained by cold pressing nut kernels, and for this select certain varieties. Only nuts that have been aged for several months after harvesting are suitable for oil extraction.
The result is a beautiful amber-colored oil, which has a pronounced taste and smell of walnuts. Hazelnut and peanut oils have a similar property. Like the nuts themselves, the oil has practically no contraindications for use, and is also extremely beneficial for the body. Its only significant drawback is the short shelf life, since no preservation is served, it can be stored no more than 12 months after you open the container.
• helps to strengthen the immune system;
• resistance to radiation is enhanced;
• helps the body fight infections;
• stimulates digestion;
• acts as an aphrodisiac;
• stimulates the cleansing of the liver and improves its function;
• accelerates metabolism;
• helps remove toxins from the body, including radionuclides;
• acts as prevention of atherosclerosis.
Walnut oil with regular use, like the walnuts themselves, has an extremely beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system, increases efficiency, relieves fatigue and contributes to greater intellectual activity. The substances contained in the oil improve the condition of the brain vessels, as well as saturate its cells with beneficial substances, which has a beneficial effect on mental activity in general.
For people with diabetes or suffering from obesity, walnut oil is also very useful, as it can reduce blood sugar levels in a soft and natural way. In case of a disease of the upper respiratory tract, walnut oil is also useful, as it stimulates sputum elimination, it is often recommended for bronchitis or even tuberculosis. In addition, it is - one of the best natural remedies for the treatment of disorders of the thyroid gland. It is believed that substances contained in walnut oil can significantly reduce the risk of developing cancer cells and can support the body in the fight against tumors that have already arisen. Pregnant women take it in order to reduce toxicosis and promote the normal development of the fetus.
Due to the wide range of beneficial properties, walnut oil is used in the prevention and treatment of a huge number of diseases. For example, its ability to relieve inflammation and fight bacteria greatly alleviates the condition of patients with arthritis. It is often used to treat skin lesions, including burns and ulcers, as it stimulates skin regeneration and helps wounds heal faster. Including this property allows him to help patients with psoriasis or furunculosis.
Walnut oil, some doctors prescribe to people with an ulcer, as it can stimulate the restoration of the gastrointestinal mucosa. In addition, it acts as a mild laxative and fights worms.
If you need to use this oil as a preventive measure, it is enough to take it by teaspoon per day, after which you can eat some honey.
In folk medicine, it was used to treat a number of diseases: for example, people suffering from arthritis are recommended to rub warm oil directly into the joints, while massaging them gently. Ideally, while the walnut oil is equally diluted with a neutral, for example, olive oil. This method is just perfect for strengthening the veins in the legs with varicose veins.
People with high blood pressure or high cholesterol are recommended to use half a teaspoon of oil every day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. At the same time, if you need help of the gastrointestinal tract, or need supportive treatment for tuberculosis or other diseases of the upper respiratory tract, the same amount of oil must be taken at night.
It helps the oil and the genitourinary system, helping to ensure that the kidneys are cleaned the most gentle and natural way. It is recommended to be used also for urolithiasis or painful urination.
Walnut oil is also used to treat skin lesions, including purulent wounds or burns. To do this, you just need to lubricate the affected areas with warm walnut oil 2 times a day. It helps a lot, including herpes, psoriasis or acne. If we are talking about the treatment of the child, then you can add it to various dishes, such as cereals or salads. A child under 5 years old needs 5 ml per day, if the baby is older than 5 years, the dosage can be increased to 10-15 ml.

Wrung out in an oak press, without filtering.

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Walnut oil Oleos De El

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 Walnut oil Oleos De El

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