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Oleos De El

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Black cumin oil


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Hippocrates, Cleopatra and Tutankhamen, religious teachers of the East and European monarchs admired this product. The seed plant has many names. One of them is known as Chernushka sowing, in other countries it is called Kalindzhi, Seidan or Roman Coriander.
Black cumin oil is obtained by squeezing from the seeds of the plant of the same name. These are tiny black seeds, slightly curved, with a rather coarse texture. They are difficult to confuse with other seeds used in cooking or medicine.
The earliest record of seed use is of Egyptian origin. Oil from them was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen.
The list of pharmacological and therapeutic properties of black cumin oil is huge: some connoisseurs of this product name more than a hundred advantages. So, Kalindzhi oil is:
• antirheumatic;
• anti-inflammatory;
• antiallergic;
• anti-cancer;
• hypotensive;
• remedy for diabetes;
• against radiation radiation;
• medicine for the kidneys;
• immunomodulator;
• painkiller;
• antipyretic;
• antibacterial;
• antiviral;
• antifungal;
• promotes lactation;
• treats the airways;
• laxative;
• antioxidant;
• burning fats;
• regulator of insulin secretion;
• antispasmodic;
• anticonvulsant.
Croatian scientists conducted a series of experiments with the participation of mice and found that the product from black cumin reduces the activity of cancer cells by 52%. Scientists suggest that it is useful for the treatment of colon, prostate, pancreas and lung cancers. The effectiveness of Kalindji oil in preventing skin cancer has also been proven.
Benefits for liver
Almost all toxins that enter the body pass through the liver, and the bile produced by it is a key factor in healthy digestion. Long-term use of drugs or the use of alcohol in large quantities complicate the work of the body. In this case, it is worthwhile to call for help black cumin oil. The results of scientific studies have shown that this product resumes the healthy functioning of the liver, and also prevents certain diseases of the organ.
Indian endocrinologists have said that Kalingji seed oil is one of the few products on the planet that can prevent type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Black cumin seeds improve the body's tolerance to glucose.
Even Hippocrates said that Kalindzhi oil improves the digestive system. Seeds have carminative properties, are useful in irritable bowel syndrome, relieve stomach cramps, eliminate diarrhea, and accelerate the digestion of food.
For psoriasis and eczema
Psoriasis is a condition where the skin is covered with pink scales that can ache and itch. The disease results from an abnormal immune response. Eczema is an inflammation of the skin, manifested by red spots, usually in the joints. In both diseases, black cumin oil may be useful. Also proven antifungal properties of the product. In particular, rubbing of this substance can cure or alleviate the condition with nail fungi, mycosis, ringworm.
Scientists who have studied the properties of these small black seeds claim that they can improve the immune system by 72 percent. And to achieve such amazing results it will take only 4 weeks of regular intake of black cumin oil. The group of volunteers who took part in the experiment, during the month, took 1 gram of the substance twice a day. At the end of this time, the researchers recorded an incredible result of strengthening the immune system.
Heart diseases can be the result of a number of reasons, but they all, as a rule, have a common denominator: the heart does not receive the necessary nutrients. Black cumin seed oil is rich in omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, as well as phytosterols. They are responsible for the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent the formation of blood clots and hypertension, as well as reduce cholesterol and blood sugar. The practice of using black cumin oil to improve the cardiovascular system has been around for many centuries.
Wrung out in an oak press, without filtering.

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Black cumin oil Oleos De El

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 Black cumin oil Oleos De El

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