10-common-misconceptions-about-technique-which are not-quite-accurate

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10-common-misconceptions-about-technique-which are not-quite-accurate

Each of us heard and even believed in various myths related to appliances and electronics. For example, is it true that it is harmful to leave the phone on charge all night? It turns out that not at all. And this is far from the only myth about technology, which we repeat to each other from year to year. It's time to figure out what "facts" about gadgets are best to get rid of.


Myth # 1. The more megapixels the camera has, the better the photo



Megapixels do not affect the quality or beauty of photos. Only the size of the photo depends on them. The quality of images is influenced by many other parameters, such as optics and the physical size of the matrix, as well as the skills of the photographer himself.



Myth #2. The phone can not be left to be charged for the whole night, as this harms the battery



Modern smartphones run on lithium-ion batteries and stop charging when the mark reaches 100%. But even when this happens, the charger will continue to consume a small amount of current. So if you do not want to leave the phone connected to the mains, then only for the sake of economy.


Myth #3. A high level of mobile signal means good communication



All the sticks in the corner of the smartphone screen does not always guarantee an uninterrupted connection. These marks show how strong the signal you get from the nearest cell tower. They do not demonstrate the quality of communication and data transfer speed. If too many people are connected to the tower, communication problems can occur even if you see all the sticks on the screen.


Myth #4. Mac computers are resistant to viruses



No computer system has immunity to viruses. But there are several theories why Mac computers get less malware. First, viruses are written for the most common systems, that is, for Windows, not for Mac OS. Secondly, there are fewer vulnerabilities in the Mac OS. But it still does not provide immunity to viruses: computers can still be infected with a malicious program, just by applying a little more effort.



Myth #5. Incognito mode protects your data



Many users simply do not finish reading what is written in the browser window when they switch to incognito mode. In fact, it only erases locally stored data. Any external source (visited websites, ISP, network administrator) can still track your activity.



Myth #6. The "Refresh" function speeds up Windows



The button "Refresh", which we click on the desktop or in the browser window, simply updates all icons according to the latest changes. For example, you changed the name of the folder, but it remained the same. You click Refresh, and the name changes to a new one. Sometimes 1-2 seconds, while you choose this function, it is enough to make the computer work, so it may seem that it really accelerated.


Myth #7. Only use original chargers



Original chargers can charge gadgets faster, but the quality analogs of other famous companies do not threaten your device. Harm can cause cheap fakes, so if you want to save and buy an unoriginal charger, it's enough to pay attention to the price and the firm, and also to the parameter influencing the charging time - the value of the output current (measured in amperes).


Myth #8. Always remove USB safely



If you do not read data and write it down while using the USB drive, you can safely remove it without selecting "Safely Remove Hardware". If you select this mode, the operating system simply checks that all changes are saved and data is not transferred to the media.



Myth #9. You can not charge the phone until it is discharged to the end



This does not apply to modern lithium-ion batteries. In fact, it is better to keep such devices charged at 40-80%, which means that you should not wait until the indicator turns red.



Myth #10. Scanners at the airport can harm memory cards



X-ray scanners at the airport can damage the untreated film of non-digital cameras, but they do not damage or erase data from memory cards.


How many of these myths did you consider to be true? Maybe you want to share other useful facts about the gadgets?


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