10 main trends of 2019 in furniture

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10 main trends of 2019 in furniture

Take note of the brightest trends in furniture in 2019.


In the selection of furniture for the interior is so easy to make a mistake: only one thing can destroy the harmony of the whole space. To help you understand furniture trends and find out what will most often appear in interiors in 2019, we present to your attention a review from ELLE DECORATION. Arm with this guide, ahead is an interesting year!



Pale pink nude has all chances to become the main color of the year. It is equally well combined with neutral hues, and with bold accent colors: dark blue, green and lemon yellow.




“The beds will become more cocooned. In the world every day there is so much of everything that we just need to feel protected when we sleep. The headboard and foot of the bed will be sheathed with soft textiles, which is nice to touch”, says designer Joy Moyler.




“In 2019, interiors will be flooded with geometric motifs. We are gradually moving from ethnics towards large asymmetric and imperfect prints, proportions and forms”,- reflects the designer Michel Smith Boyd.




The popularity of natural materials in the subject design will only grow. Combinations of different textures will become even bolder: wood will be supplemented with elements of quartzite or Carrara marble, ceramics combined with concrete and metal.




The following year, pay attention to the furniture with soft and rounded shapes in the spirit of the 1970s - smooth curves again in fashion! It does not necessarily introduce retro elements, but it will surely soften the severity of the interior and add grace.




In the new year, the metal will find new, even more interesting and unexpected, areas of application. Gold, brass or blackened bronze and other brilliant materials will be used not only in the form of inserts for cabinet furniture, but also as completely independent openwork elements of decor and art objects.



Things custom-made according to individual sketches will increasingly appear in our homes. “We want to know that there is some kind of history behind the objects that grows around our house. It is interesting to us who invented them, what was the process of their creation, ”says Joy Cho, founder and creative director of Oh Joy!




Designers strive for perfection even in the smallest detail. Contrast edging or unusual stitching, bright handles or ceiling - all this makes the furniture more interesting and unique.





“I think the Art Deco effect will only increase in the coming year,” says Meganne Wecker, founder of the brand Cloth & Company. The bright and expensive style of the era of the “roaring 20s” will serve as an inspiration for modern textile and furniture designers.




In 2019, vintage furniture will remain at the peak of interior fashion, and not only collectors will buy it. “Nowadays, many dream of having ancient and rare things in their home with character and soul, and not clones coming off the assembly line,” says interior designer CeCe Barfield.




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