10 tips for choosing furniture for small apartments

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10 tips for choosing furniture for small apartments


Who does not want to have a large, bright, well-ventilated apartment in which each member of the family has a corner in which he or she can retire and create his own world, fencing himself off from the big world and his problems and feel himself in his fortress. Unfortunately, not all of us are happy (but is this happiness?!) the owners of a large number of square meters in an elite residential complex located in a good area of the city.

Being residents of our beloved city, we in Shop.az decided to pick up some tips for those who are trying to create a cozy, and most importantly functional nest in their small apartment.

We hope that the information offered will help you, and the furniture and interior and decoration items offered by the shops of Baku, you can always look at our online shopping center.

We bet on multi-functional items, mirror surfaces and bright colors.

To furnish a small apartment is necessary with the mind - only so you can save precious square meters and decorate a comfortable interior. We share advice on how to choose the right furniture.


1. Exact size

Choose furniture - sofas, beds, cabinets - so that it harmoniously and closely entered the space intended for it. In this sense, ideal furniture is made to order, when the manufacturers make the item strictly to your dimensions. For example, look at the photo: the bed ideally fits into the space between the wall and the partition separating the zones of the room.


2. Mini-furniture

Despite the fact that we are very hospitable people and like to collect a large number of relatives and friends at a hospitable table, to place a large table in a small room can sometimes be an almost irresolvable task. Designers say that if you have a compact apartment, you definitely do not need a dining table for 8 people. But a small table "a la cafe" and the same chairs will be very handy and will take up a minimum of space. By the way, if you want, you can rearrange them wherever you want, when you want changes.



3. Slender legs

Choosing consoles and lockers for a small apartment, pay special attention to furniture on thin and high legs. This design allows it to look more airy and thus facilitates the visual image of the interior.



4. Built-in storage

No matter how many members in your family, the number of things accumulated for years by each of them takes up a lot of space. Storage in a small apartment is a particularly painful issue. Therefore, look for any opportunities for hidden storage of things: for example, buy a bed with large drawers.



5. Light + bright

Thinking about the color solution of a small apartment, use a win-win formula: a light background + two or three bright color accents. White, cream, light gray and cream shades of walls and floor visually expand a small space, and catchy splashes of color in accessories will divert attention and will not allow the interior to be dull.



6. Transparent furniture

Tables and chairs with transparent elements are perfect for small rooms: they seem to be gone, but functionality is preserved. For example, the table top made of tempered glass and thin legs look very airy. Note that the designer has doubled this effect by reflecting the dining group in a large mirror.



7. Aim higher

To visually lift the ceiling, for example, in a compact living room, put narrow and high racks or up to the top, take up the wall with open shelves. So that they do not look heavy, choose options of white or light wood.



8. Mirror reflections

Not only a large mirror on the wall, but a bedside table with a mirrored door will create the illusion of a three-dimensional space. Mirror surfaces double the amount of natural light, which means that they make the room visually more spacious and more interesting in terms of geometry.



9. Multifunctional furniture

Thanks to such furniture, every square meter will be used effectively in the apartment, and at the same time the feeling of free space will be preserved. Choose tables-transformers or large closed closets-mezzanine in the corridor instead of a pantry.



10. Dissolution effect

One of the effective methods of visual increase in space is the selection of the color of furniture and walls in one key. This solution dissolves the boundaries of the object, thereby expanding the walls. Try to choose not too dark shades, so as not to create the opposite "casket effect".



We all love to find solace in some nice things, admire the details, look for magic in everyday routine. It is believed that for a stable emotional state, people should be surrounded by beautiful things! Many neglect this wonderful source of energy, and very vain. By creating the comfort of your home with your own hands, you will notice how to calm down, become less irritated and even enjoy the process itself, and not just the result obtained. No wonder they say that happiness is in the details!


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