10 tips, how not to run into a fake when buying things of a famous brand

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10 tips, how not to run into a fake when buying things of a famous brand

Each of us at least once had to spend a large amount of fake, which was sold under the guise of branded goods.

To prevent this from happening again, shop.az will tell you how to calculate the fakes of 10 things that are forged most often.

10. Levi’s jeans

  • Arch on the back pocket, tab, patch. The line in the form of an arch on the back pockets is on all models, except for the rare series Authentics Signature. The inscription Levi's on the tab (red flag) is written with a small letter e (the big letter is found only on exclusive models or fakes). The model number, which is indicated on the patch, is duplicated on the fabric label on the belt from the inside.
  • Bolts, rivets. Bolts-buttons are made of metal, on their flat surface is inscribed the inscription Levi Strauss, and on the reverse side - the model number. Rivets are made of copper (in rare cases covered with enamel) and have a stamped serial number both outside and inside (on the underside of the product).

Levi’s jeans

9. Lacoste polo shirt

  • Buttons. Uneven shade, because they are made of mother-of-pearl. The shape of the button is flat, slightly concave to the center. The holes for threads 2 (at the top and bottom), there are no inscriptions.
  • Label. The green crocodile on the classic models is embroidered separately, and then sewn over the fabric. The label is located on the side of the bar with buttons, closer to the bottom edge (in fakes this point is often missed). On the embroidery the crocodile's legs are clearly visible, the red jaws.
  • Side incisions. In men's models, there are cuts on the sides of the T-shirt at the very bottom not more than 1.5 cm deep. There should be no cuts in female models.

Lacoste polo shirts

8. Victoria’s Secret swimsuit

  • Fabric. All swimsuits of this brand are made of double fabric. On monochrome models, this can be checked if you simultaneously pull the lining and the front part in different directions.
  • Dimension mesh, tags. Swimsuits are available in 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, copies usually only S, M, L. If the bodice is on bones, then the size on it is indicated as on a bra (34 A, 34 V, etc.). . The color of the tags can only be pink, black, white, transparent. Country of origin - China or Sri Lanka.

Victoria's Secret swimsuit

7. Rolex watch

  • Clock face. In the Rolex dial of sapphire crystal, and if you drip water, it is collected in a drop, and does not spread over the surface. On the calendar window there is a small bulge. In the area of figure 6 on the reverse side of the glass - a small image of the crown (on all models released after 2002).
  • Second hand. The second hand moves smoothly, without jerking. Even if you bring the product close to your ear, it can not be heard.
  • Back panel. Often replicas of Rolex are equipped with a transparent back panel. On the original watch there is always a metal cover, under which is engraved the serial number of the model and the logo

Rolex watch

6. Ray-Ban glasses

  • Case. Made of leatherette and has the following characteristics: to the touch of a rough, on the button the seal of the logo Ray-Ban, to the left of the button firm print, the front part is stiff, the back is softer, inside the black velor.
  • Lenses, arches. On all models on the left lens (if the glasses are removed) there is an inscription Ray-Ban, which is not erased, even if you rub it with alcohol. On the right lens from the outer or inner side there is laser engraving.
  • ДThe bow. On the left shackle model number is deleted (starts with the letters RB), the color of the glasses, the degree of darkening of the lens, the diameter of the lens and the size of the bridge of the nose. On the right-hand arch is a model of glasses, the letter designating the manufacturing plant, and the logo of compliance with European safety standards

Ray-ban glasses

5. Converse sneakers

  • Appearance. The sole of the original classic model's sneaker is not less than 3 cm. Behind it there is the inscription ALL STAR (in the middle of the inscription - the star, sometimes under it there can be the letter R) and nothing more. Sold Converse sneakers are always in lace-up.
  • Tags on the tab. The sticker on the inner side of the tongue is convex to the touch (it's just a piece of paper on fakes), from the top edge there are two wide lines. On the label there is a serial number consisting of 6 symbols.

Converse sneakers

4. Air Max sneakers

  • Air capsule. In the original sneakers in the sole there is an air module under a transparent plastic, in fakes, as a rule, there is no air behind the plastic. To check the presence of air, you need to click on the insole in the camera area - in the original press is tight, and the module quickly takes the original form.
  • Label on the tongue, sole. After 2008 on all Air Max models the tag is fixed in a thermal way, that is, there should not be a thread on the label. The model number is a 6-digit code, the next 3 digits are the color code. The sole is made of quality rubber, which does not have a strong shine.

Air Max sneakers

3. Christian Louboutin shoes

  • Appearance. At the original shoes, if you put them on a flat surface, the socks do not go up and the sole is in tight contact with the ground. The back and edges of the shoes are not high (brand name brand) with a characteristic bend. Material on the heel in the classic models is identical to the one from which most of the shoes are made.
  • Outsole, insole. The sole is always red, the color is saturated, without divorce. On the rise is the inscription Christian Louboutin, Made in Italy and size. Sometimes on models of leather on the sole also written Vero Cuoio. The inscription on the insole Christian Louboutin Paris is not printed, but applied by embossing. Other inscriptions on the insole and sole should not be.

Christian Louboutin shoes

2. Apple EarPods Earphones

  • Packing. The original headphones are sold in a plastic box, which has a bluish tint (fakes usually have a yellowish tinge). The weight of the product with the box is approximately 50 grams.
  • Appearance. Headphones look cast, without any trace of industrial soldering. Lattices on the speakers and diffusers of the original headphones are made of metal (on plastic fakes). Often, the copies do not have the designation Left (Left) / Right (right).

Apple EarPods Earphones

1. Samsung smartphone

  • Display. On most models, AMOLED displays are installed, one of the characteristics of which is a bright, almost solid black color. On fakes, however, black color gives gray, blue or brown.
  • Verification code. Enter the secret code * # 7353 # - in the original Samsung Galaxy will open a special menu for testing applications. Another verification combination for all models on Android * # 0 * # allows you to test the screen, speakers and other functions of the device.
  • Identification numbers. The nameplate, serial number and IMEI are indicated in the label under the battery. If you enter the code * # 06 #, IMEI appears on the screen, and in some models the serial number

Samsung smartphone


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