11 practical ideas for storing things in one-room apartment

Shop.az 2018-06-22 15:47:05
11 practical ideas for storing things in one-room apartment

Today we would like to share the best advice and lifehacks as on a limited area to find the right and new places to store your things.


In your small apartment is categorically not enough space? It's time to fix it. We have collected 11 valuable tips for you, which will help you to use the "hidden reserves" of your own housing.


1. Functional hallway

Try to maximize the use the hallway for storage : this will help at least partially relieve the living space, which is especially true for small apartments.




2. Balcony and loggia

If the apartment has a glazed balcony or loggia, do not turn this space into a warehouse, but to organize there additional storage will definitely not hurt. In one of our next articles we will tell you how to make repairs on the balcony.




3. Custom storage system

Furniture, made to order according to your size and according to your needs, will help to use literally every inch of available space.




4. Wall behind sofa and bed

If a wall has a sofa or a bed, this does not mean that it can not be used for storing. Cabinets and shelving, which form a niche for placing a bed or a sofa, look stylish and allow you to arrange a lot of necessary things.




5. Dressing room

A capacious and functional wardrobe allows you to do without bulky storage systems, which is especially important in a small apartment. The best option is the placement of a dressing room in the hallway or utility room (if it is planned).




6. Doors

The inner side of the doors of cabinets and lockers can become a real godsend, if there is an acute shortage of storage space in the apartment. In addition, there are various hooks, hanging hangers and organizers that help to expand the functionality of interior doors.




7. Space under the furniture

You can supplement the sliding basement drawers kitchen set, as well as use for additional storage space under the bed.




8. Space above the furniture

An additional place can be found not only under furniture, but also over it. For example, baskets, boxes, stylish suitcases and boxes will help organize aesthetic storage on racks, cabinets, shelves or kitchen cabinets.




9. Corner shelves

Empty corners are an unacceptable luxury for small apartments. With the help of corner shelves, tables and shelves, you can use this space wisely.




10. Place under the windowsill

The space under the windowsill in most small sizes is undeservedly deprived of attention. But in fact at a window it is possible to arrange additional racks and lockers. Or place a convenient place to read and rest, supplemented by a mini-storage system.




11. Storage above the door

When it seems that there is no room left for the necessary things, the space above the doors will help out.




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