12+ items of clothing that suit every woman

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12+ items of clothing that suit every woman

Choosing clothes to suit the shape, height and weight of your body can be a very difficult task. Tired of the question: "What to wear?".

Shop.az collected for you several items of a female toilet, which will decorate any woman.


Dress case

Yes, it's true: the dress case looks good on all women. It is important to consider the following: slender women can afford to wear tight dresses, and ladies with more weight advantages, should choose free styles.

If you want to look even better and emphasize the silhouette, choose a dress with contrasting inserts.


Straight dress


Straight dresses help to emphasize the strengths and mask the shortcomings of the silhouette. Avoid loose dresses with too much fabric.


Pencil skirt

Skirt pencil is perfect for all kinds of silhouette. The best part of this clothing is that you can wear it with any footwear or blouse. Do you want to emphasize your beautiful buttocks? Choose a thick skirt made of thick fabric. Prefer to hide problem areas? Choose a more direct and loose skirt.

Low women get along well with this type of skirt. Choose a length below the knees, making the legs longer.


Boyfriend jeans

Free-cut jeans are universal. Women with any type of body can wear them without hesitation.


Classic black pants

Classic trousers base wardrobe. Models with a slightly inflated waist lengthen the legs and hide the stomach.



Boats can do wonders. With them, any legs become slim and long. Just make sure that your shoe's nose is not too long. Otherwise, the effect may be the opposite.


Leather jacket

Any image becomes even more stylish with a biker's leather jacket, the length of which reaches to the waist or just below. It does not matter what size you wear. Put on a leather jacket over your dress and you are a style queen.



It may seem a little strange to see the sneakers in our selection, but you will agree that they are suitable for different styles. Today we can wear sneakers with any clothes, at any time of the year. This is an element that can save you from many troubles. Just do not use multi-colored.


Wraparound dress ("hug me tIght")

The wrap dress looks good on all women without exception. Belt and wide incision below, it successfully masks the problem areas, creating a silhouette of the "hourglass".


White shirt

We do not know a woman who looked bad in a white shirt. A well-chosen shirt gives the appearance freshness. This detail can serve as the basis for many views.


Straight coat

A straight coat is combined with all kinds of shapes. You can wear it with both trousers and light dresses, depending on the appearance that you want to create.



New hit of the season 2018: long skirt

The long skirt, according to the beliefs of the ancient Slavs, possessed the power of good and fertility while maintaining femininity. Maxi length skirts have a variety of styles, shapes, colors and textures. Learn how to properly combine them to become the queen of the trend!















Correctly combine the top with a long skirt to create a luxurious and feminine image - this will help you selection of our photos

Do you wear long skirts?


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