5 tips for locating household appliances without spoiling the design

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5 tips for locating household appliances without spoiling the design

We build, hide or decorate - how to solve the problem of the location of household appliances in the interior

Making out the interior, we continually encounter the need to hide wires and audio systems, mask the electronics, carefully insert large-sized equipment into the environment. We share useful ideas, how not to let household appliances spoil the appearance of the apartment.


1. Built-in
The easiest way to make the technique invisible in the interior is to hide it behind the furniture facades. Modern manufacturers allow to build literally everything - from refrigerators to coffee makers.



2. Color the color
Many manufacturers offer a choice of models in different colors and styles. For example, for the kitchen in the style of Provence perfect retro models, and for a minimalist apartment - a technique with a laconic modern design. This does not hurt the general mood of the interior.



3. Full show
Original and stylish technique can become the main accent of the interior. Laconic modern models do not need to be masked - they are beautiful in themselves. For example, a vacuum cleaner with a steep design.

And if you want large and small household helpers to look harmonious - choose models from one collection.



4. Decrease
The original way to fit into the situation is a large-sized appliances - paint it (for example, slate paint). Or olelit decorative stickers, self-adhesive film. The option is especially good for updating old appliances.



5. Enclosing
Devices can be hidden: in the closet, in a niche, in the utility room, behind the sliding doors, curtains, screen. The output is useful to those who keep the old working household appliances, updating the interior.



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