6 Functional Apple Watch Accessories That Are Beautifully Designed

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6 Functional Apple Watch Accessories That Are Beautifully Designed

The humble watch is going through some pretty major changes. Gone are the days when a watch is to be used only for telling the time -- these days, you can use your watch for messaging, accessing your digital assistant, fitness tracking, and more. Arguably the best smartwatch out there is the Apple Watch, thanks to its slick design, ease of use, and top functionality.

One of the nicest things about the Apple Watch is that it's easy to buy and use Apple Watch-related accessories. You can buy bands to swap out, get better chargers, and so on - ensuring that you get the best Apple Watch experience possible.

Of course, there are a ton of Apple Watch accessories out there. That, however, is why we've put together this guide -- to help you find some of the better Apple Watch accessories out there.


Mophie Dock



Price: $29.95

The charger that comes with the Apple Watch does the job, but it's not exactly the prettiest or easiest charger to use. That, however, is where Mophie comes in, with the Mophie Watch Dock. The dock comes in a sleek black and gray color-scheme, and has a stand that makes it easy to slip your Apple Watch on to charge during the night -- meaning no more fumbling around with the included charger.


BeatsX headphones





Price: $149.95

One of the nicest things about the Apple Watch is that it can connect to wireless headphones, and if you're connecting headphones to your watch, then you're probably on the go and want something lightweight and easy to carry around. That's where the BeatsX headphones come in, which are aimed at sounding great, being nice and light, and offering up to 8 hours of battery life -- which isn't bad.


Belkin Valet

Belkin Valet




Price: $99

The Mophie Dock is a great charger for your Apple Watch, but what if you're looking for a more comprehensive solution that can also charge your iPhone? That's where the Belkin Valet comes in -- as a way to charge both your Apple Watch and your iPhone without needing separate chargers and separate charging cables.

Of course, the Belkin Valet is more than just convenient -- it's also pretty stylish. It features a strong base with a metallic arm that extends up to support your iPhone and hang your Apple Watch. It's available in both black or white.



Actionproof Bumper Apple Watch Case

Actionproof Bumper Case



Price: $9.99

The Apple Watch is pretty durable, but if you're looking to make it a little more rugged then the Actionproof  Bumper Apple Watch Case may be the way to go. The Bumper is essentially a silicon case that you can put your Apple Watch in, after which it should be able to survive bumps a whole lot better. In fact, it's one of the few Apple Watch cases to also protect the Digital Crown on the watch.


Burkley Soft Leather Band

Burkley Leather Band


Price: $69

There are a ton of stylish and functional Apple Watch bands out there, but few of them are as elegant as the Burkley Soft Leather band. The band is made from a genuine distressed leather with a nice soft texture, and features a classic buckle that can be either silver or black. The band is compatible with all 42mm Apple Watch models to date, and fits wrists of between 145 and 215mm.



Studio Proper Watchkeeper


Price: $59

Looking for a case to store your watch in when you're not using it? Watchkeeper may be the case for you. The case not only safely stores your Apple Watch when it's not in use, but it can also charge it. It comes in either black or in tan, and it stores both the Apple Watch itself, and your charging cable. On top of that, it has a protective finish -- so it too is protected while it's protecting your watch.


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