7 major mistakes in the arrangement of the wall gallery

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7 major mistakes in the arrangement of the wall gallery

We tell how to decorate the wall with family photos and paintings and not to forget about the composition and proportions


Hanging pictures is simple, difficult - to create an original and stylish composition from them. We tell how to avoid the most common mistakes when decorating a wall gallery, and show successful examples.


1. Uniformity of sizes

Let the center of your exposition be two or three large canvases - they attract attention and the eye focuses on them. Place smaller pictures around.



2. Unreasoned location

Before hanging pictures and photos, consider their location. To begin with, sketch the composition in pencil on a sheet or lay out the images on the floor. Start hanging with the largest paintings, and then group around them all the rest.



3. Incorrectly selected frames

Decide in advance on their color and style. Use single-color frames or alternate several frames of neutral colors. And remember that frames should complement, not drag all attention to themselves.



4. Close placement

The distance between picture frames should be approximately the same. The only exception is thick frames: leave more space around them.



5. Using pictures only

It is not necessary to hang only pictures and photos. Try adding details such as mirrors, decorative plates, antiques, watches. This will give the gallery a unique look.



6. Too low or too high

Even if the wall gallery consists of a large number of exhibits, try not to hang them below 60 cm from the floor. Do not overdo it with height: few people find it convenient to turn their heads to get a better look at the picture.



7. Supersizing decor

It’s not a good idea to fill the entire wall space: it’s a living room, not a museum, and it’s not supposed to be ruffled from art objects.




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