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Amazing facts about visual acuity

Scientists notice that more and more people suffer from myopia, because of the modern technology is increasing eye strain. However, this trend has exceptions. What exactly, tell the facts about visual acuity. For example, someone called the most vigorous person in the world.

Visual acuity is the ability to see 2 small points that are at the shortest distance from each other, as separate objects, and not just one merged object.

Today, there are 3 methods for clarifying the human visual acuity - the table of Dr. Snellen (the famous Dutch ophthalmologist), the Golovin table and the Sivtsev table (Soviet ophthalmologists).

One hundred percent vision is that in which a person can see all the characters on the check tables (up to the bottom line). However, this is not the limit of human capabilities. There are people who have a vision of 200% (distinguish 2 lines below the line) and even more.

There is a myth, according to which a person with hyperopia can develop with an acute visual acuity. However, it is not. Scientists have not found any relationship between the ability of the eye to distinguish small objects at a distance and the risk of developing the disease.

The record of visual acuity was established in 1972 and is owned by Veronica Seider, who at the time was a student at the University of Stuttgart (Germany). Researchers were shocked by its capabilities - the girl's visual acuity exceeded the average human data by about 20 times. She was able to recognize the face of a stranger from a distance of more than 1,600 meters.




10 interesting facts about vision


A person is endowed with five senses that he uses to perceive the world around him. On sensations account for about 80% of all information that we receive from the outside. 10 interesting facts about vision present to your attention the unique capabilities and characteristics of the most sensitive human organs.

  1. In the human eye, there are two types of photosensitive cells: rods and cones. The rods are responsible for distinguishing between light and dark, and cones for color perception.
  2. The sensitivity of the eyes to light increases 10 times in a minute of being in the dark, and after 20 minutes - 6 thousand times.
  3. Our eyes are able to distinguish between 130-250 pure color tones, but the number of distinguishable shades can vary from 5 to 10 million.
  4. 2% of car accidents occur at the moment when a person sneezes. It is important to note that sneezing with open eyes is absolutely impossible.
  5. A person working in an office at a computer focuses his eyes on the screen about 20 thousand times a day.
  6. Looking at the bright illuminated surface, some people see colorless "flies". This is the effect of destruction of the vitreous body. In a healthy young body, this vitreous body is transparent, and with age and with increasing load, it becomes thickened and loses its transparency. This is perceived as "flies".
  7. “Alice's Wonderland Syndrome”, or micropsia, is a state when a person visually perceives objects of much smaller size than they really are. Such people see objects as extremely distant and close at the same time.
  8. The scientist John Dalton, after whom color blindness was named, was himself color-blind, but did not know about it until he was 26 years old. The inherent effect of color blindness is incurable and is passed on to the next generations.
  9. All newborn eyes have a gray-blue color, as in the stroma of the iris there is no pigment. The color of the iris is formed by the end of the first year of life of the child.
  10. The lacrimal apparatus performs not only a moisturizing function, but also has bactericidal properties. That's because tears contain the enzyme lysozyme.


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