Would you buy sneakers from chewing gum, which was scraped off the asphalt

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Would you buy sneakers from chewing gum, which was scraped off the asphalt

Today, each of us shows an increased interest in ecology issues and preservation of the environment. All of us try to lead a correct way of life, to go in for sports, to keep health and good mood in a cycle of daily affairs.

Even such an ordinary thing, like chewing gum, is harmful to the environment. And how do we get upset when we see the treacherous lump sticking to our shoes on the streets of the city, and worse to our clothes in public transport, where some slob, having enjoyed the taste, did not bother to deliver his cud to the nearest rubbish bin.


Do you know that artificial rubber, which is part of its composition, almost does not decompose, and most of the chewing gum simply wither on the asphalt, ruining the appearance of cities and causing harm to the environment. To solve this problem, the enthusiasts from Amsterdam, who came up with sneakers of gum.

The city municipality, in collaboration with designers from Explicit Wear and Gumdrop company, produces Gumshoe sneakers in fact from garbage. Annually from the sidewalks of the city almost 1,500 tons of chewing gum is collected. The composition of this mass is an analog of artificial rubber, which is used in the production of sneakers. Eco-friendly Dutch decided to give this scabrous mass a second life.

Collected on the streets of the gum recycle and create from it a special material Gum-Tec. Synthetic rubber, obtained from recycled chewing gum, is supplied for production in the form of granules, which are then melted into the sole. In the company Gumdrop, which was responsible for the processing of chewing gum, they assure that the material is in no way inferior in strength to ordinary rubber. The top part of the sneakers is made of leather. One kilogram of raw materials is enough for four pairs of shoes.


The upper part of Gumshoe is made of leather according to traditional technology. Sneakers will be available in two colors: bright pink and black and red. The creators are also considering the possibility of free replacement of soles for new ones after their wear and tear.

The first pairs will go on sale in June 2018. Now Gumshoe can be pre-ordered on the official website of Explicit Wear for 200 euros.
And you know that at the beginning of this year the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) presented sports sneakers with the elements of the metro design of the capital of Germany and with a built-in annual travel card. The ticket can be used for all types of public transport in Berlin from January 16 to December 31, 2018. The shoe pattern is made with elements of upholstery design in the subway.


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