Bargain? Do you know how to haggle? 2018-08-09 17:39:32
Bargain? Do you know how to haggle?

If you have been to the eastern bazaar, you certainly know with what raptess salesmen and sellers trade there. If you buy something in the market in Turkey or Egypt, you will not try to reduce the price, the seller can be offended and upset.

Here is the story of one traveler who may be interested in many. In our age of online shopping and online shops, the question "can you bargain" has lost some of its relevance, but in our online shopping center you can find many private sellers with whom you can discuss the price of the thing that interested you.

I do not know who cares how, but it was always difficult for me to bargain. There is a block in me that does not let me ask the seller at least a minimum discount.

Although once I did it all the same. In the clothing market, I bought my pants. As I remember now, pretty such capris, and to them the topic of my favorite orange. Wrapped in plenty in the dressing room in front of the mirror and deciding that this beauty should be mine, I remembered that even psychologists advise to at least sometimes bargain. This, they say, is useful for self-esteem.



"You know how to haggle?" - I asked a friend, with whom we went together for shopping. She shook her head in horror and hurried to assure me that she did not know how to bargain.

"Me too," I sighed, and mentally prepared to part with a fairly large sum of money. Although I had a desire to ask to throw five dollars - purely symbolically, yet for myself I decided that I will not bargain. With this intention, I went to complete the purchase. And when I came to the counter, suddenly, quite unexpectedly for myself, I declared:

"Ten dollars off?" Then I'll take it.

And about a miracle! The seller agreed immediately. Everything went surprisingly easy. But on this my experience also stopped.

I did not bargain any more. Why? I do not understand it myself. Although it should be. Because when I say "bargain", I do not mean solely the purchase of pants in the market. Every time when I am forced to set a price for my work, I feel agonizing doubts. It is not right. As one of my friends said literally today: "If I'm interested, then I'm worth something. If I'm worth something, why should I cost a little? ". I am in solidarity with her in this completely. But I still do not know how to bargain. Maybe the whole point is that I do not know how to do it right?

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