Beautiful hands and fashion manicure 2017-12-16 12:54:22
Beautiful hands and fashion manicure

A real lady is always seen by her arms. According to them, it is so easy to read an age of a woman, her character, habits, heredity, and, of course, care.

The skin on hands gives out woman’s age more easily, than on the face or on a body. Hands age the fastest. The fault is household chores: washing, cleaning, cooking, washing dishes. For the care of hands you will need a cream, mask, hand scrub, etc. And all these you can find in online shopping center

And, besides all this, you need a neat, beautiful and fashionable manicure.

Now almost every woman no longer sees herself without having to make a fashionable manicure. In fact, making a fashion manicure is not a luxury, but a normal desire of every woman who wants to be on top.

Fashion manicure for the winter of 2018 will be both comfortable and beautiful. The best coating of the new year will be , short nails will be relevant in 2018.

Fashion houses can show manicure in rhinestones, with multi-layered coating and 20-centimetric false nails. But it will never become fashionable. Because it's uncomfortable!




Convenience is exactly what dictates today's fashion, including in the nail art. So, you can rest assured, in the winter of 2018 the fashionable manicure will still be on the "three whales":

Short nails. It is practical, suitable for any profession and for any occasion.

Coating with gel-polish. Its longevity has won the hearts of millions of women. Because few of us today are able to abandon everyday affairs for the sake of preserving the nail polish.

Nude shades. The autumn-winter manicure 2017/18 went even further - now not only nuanced shades, but also completely "bare" nails are in fashion - such a manicure is obtained when nails are applied to the nails covered with a transparent base.




Fashionable nail art forms 2018

If you do not like short nails, do not despair! In the new season there will be something for you. In the winter of 2018, there will be two forms in the trend:

  • short oval-shaped nails of medium length
  • nails with an angular, almost square edge.

From too long "claws", almond shaped and nails in the form of coffins yet to be abandoned. We have collected all the main trends of the new season - choose!




Dark oval-shaped nails

The fashion for Gothic style was to the taste of world brands, so we can also afford such a manicure in the winter of 2018.

In shades, which evoke thoughts about grunge and gothic, best combine oval nails of medium length. They look very neat, giving the fingers a refined look. As you know, "dark" is not necessarily black. You can choose from many shades, from burgundy to plum, rich blueberry, cherry and dark green.




Fashion manicure in white and pink tones

Pink nail polish almost never goes out of fashion, it's an eternal classic. Change only the shades, which should pay attention. In the winter of 2018, a white-pink hit among the fresh-water colors.

The color with a milk dab does not look as natural as a beige. But this is the essence of the manicure! With it, the nails should still differ from the unpainted ones.




Marble manicure for the winter of 2018

If you miss the marble manicure, we rush to please: it returns to fashion. It can be done with both usual and gel-polish. If you know that the same type of coating on the nails quickly makes bored, we recommend first try this option at home - making a marble manicure is in everyone's power.




Manicure with vertical stripes

Geometry on the nails continues to be a fashionable hit. In winter 2018, the main trend is vertical strips. This technique visually lengthens the nail, so that the entire handle seems thinner and more elegant. Vertical strip in the middle of the nail - a direct road to the trendsetters.




Fashion manicure: sparkles + black

Sequins, the effect of a broken mirror, metallic - all these trends are slowly giving up positions. In the winter of 2018, only one option will remain in fashion - in which all varieties of gloss are combined with an uncompromisingly black nail polish. The only permissible liberty is a cover, it can be both glossy and matte. Look how spectacularly looks in this performance the moon manicure.




Gray manicure in fashion in 2018

Gray is the new base color. Preference should be given to juicy glossy shades, so that due to the manicure the hands do not resemble the pale hands of a dead person. A great idea is to combine a gray manicure in the 4 + 1 version. Choose for one or two nails a different shade - will suit both close in tone and contrast.




4 different colors

To combine several nail polishes on nails at once is art. And what about four different shades at once? In the winter of 2018, this kind of manicure will be fashionable. It is desirable, of course, to choose different colors of the same color - so your manicure will resemble an exquisite gradient. But brave girls can mix the most contrasting tones!




Nail-art in the tone of lacquer

The joke that "the simpler the girl, the more complicated is her manicure", has taken root among the people. So, fancy design and too intricate drawings are definitely not in fashion - they have a modern girl just do not have time!

But monophonic performance - a chic option for evening manicure in 2018-th year. Choose simple drawings and ask the master to use for their application nail polish, as close to the base. For colors to differ, you can choose a color with glitter.




Here is another option for the brave: fashion welcomes logos on nails and references to world painting. Add a little Picasso to your manicure! :)



A fashionable manicure becomes usually after it is shown by trendsetters. It can be a fashion show or a famous Instagram-blogger, whose idea will be picked up by millions. But in 2018, fashion is increasingly influenced by every woman in the world - that is, the "ultimate consumer", if one can say so.


If you follow trends, but do not take them blindly, congratulations - you are already working on the future fashion.


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