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20 handy cosmetic products that you heard about, but did not know how to use


The wide offer of cosmetics in stores often confuses us. Many terms may be unfamiliar, their use is incomprehensible. How to figure out whether beauty beverages are useful in daily self-care or are they experiments of marketers?

Let's try to compose a dictionary of selected care and make-up products. They will suit those who want to look good, but do not spend a lot of time. The motto of these products is "effectively and quickly". And do not be afraid of names, behind them lies beauty.

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1. Hydrophilic oil

Hydrophilic oil helps to make the skin cleansing process ideal. Why can not I use ordinary natural oils? They penetrate deeply into the skin and pull dirt and makeup behind them. Hydrophilic oil remains on the surface, binds molecules of fat, dirt, tonal creams, literally dissolves makeup.

This oil is applied to dry skin, then it should be lightly massaged and then washed with water. With regular use of oil, the pores become narrower, the texture and color of the skin improves.


2. Duofibre

An universal makeup brush, which experts advise to purchase, even if you do not favor brushes, and you do not have any. The peculiarity of the duofiber in combination of two types of nap: natural and artificial.

This combination facilitates the process of applying and shading tonal creams and powder, the tone of the face looks perfect.




3. Multimask

Finally, one mask can affect the skin areas in different ways, but at the same time. Part of the mask moistens the eye area, the part drains and nourishes the T-zone, and, for example, anti-comedogenic ingredients work in the cheek zone.

Such masks can be applied in a classical way, and then the cream structures will differ in color. Or it can be a tissue mask with already prepared product applications.



4. Tint

The dream of girls - a natural, but juicy color of lips - will perform a special coloring liquid - tint. Its persistent pigment gives the lips a natural bright shade that lasts for a long time and leaves no traces on other surfaces, for example, on dishes. Can be positioned as a "lip tattoo".

The tints themselves are usually bright because of the pigment, but it is not necessary to be afraid of it - the shade of the lips will be natural.



5. Gel - booster

There are 2 types of gel boosters - for the skin and for the hair.

The skin booster has a high concentration of nutrients, a light texture and is able to penetrate the skin deeper than a regular cream. You can use it as an independent tool or significantly enhance the effectiveness of other cosmetics, adding a booster to the usual cream or mask.

The hair booster provides a hairdo volume, slightly fixes it, but the hair remains alive and mobile.



6. Meteorites

This well-known cosmetic product is often bypassed, because its use is incomprehensible. In fact, everything is simple: the task of meteorites - to give the skin a healthy radiance, not too tinting it, and adding a light halo, "veil."

The hue should be chosen according to your skin tone, however, meteorites that fit all are golden-beige.



7. Primer

Primer, or base for make-up, is the foundation, and its role is the alignment of the structure of the skin, lips or nail plate. If the primer is applied first, then the tone, lipstick or lacquer is flawless. If we apply the cream, it works on moisturizing and protecting the skin, the primer creates an even structure.

Primer for the face gives matte skin, on it the tonal remedy will stay longer and better.



8. Anti-cerne

Anti-cerne (from French сerne — «blue») is often confused with concealer or cover-up. But this tool has a lighter structure, suitable for thin skin with translucent wreaths and hides circles under the eyes due to light reflecting particles.

This "disguise" will appeal to lovers of light textures, and to correctly pick it up, try disguising the vein on your hand. If it works out - anti-submarine is suitable.



9. Cushion

A gift from inventors to those who dreamed of a compact toning tool. Cushion is a powder compact with a sponge soaked in a light liquid fluid, and with a dry sponge to apply a fluid to the face.

The pores of the sponge loosen the structure of the cream, it lies evenly, and its composition is enriched with oils, moisturizing ingredients and protection from ultraviolet (depending on the manufacturer).



10. Luminizer

Of all the means that are used to make the skin radiant, luminizers are the most "safe", with them it is more difficult to overdo it. Unlike the shimmers and the glitters, in which larger shining particles are added, the luminizers give a discreet, pearly shine.

They are often confused with highlighters, moreover, manufacturers often call their tool a double name. The difference is that the highlighter is applied to separate zones to emphasize them, and the luminizer is applied to the whole face.

Powder or fluid-luminiser will give the skin a delicate glow "from the inside" and help to hide the flaws. Luminizers are applied as a finishing touch or mixed with a tonal remedy.



11. Toner

Toner should not be confused with a tonic that cleanses the skin. Toner is a care product that has a viscous structure and after application leaves a light film that protects the skin.

Toner - an excellent tool for the skin, prone to peeling, it seems to "stick" all the particles and aligns the structure. Acts as a good foundation for make-up, the tonal remedy falls flat on the toner.



12. Transparent powder

Absolutely white, friable powder seems strange, but its purpose is not toning, but evening, matting the skin and fixing the makeup.

On the face it is transparent and weightless, suitable for any shade of skin. Powder does not need to be re-applied too often, the action of a quality product lasts for 6 hours.



13. Plumper

Plumper gives the lips volume and a small swelling without radical means. This can be a balm or lipstick, which includes special ingredients that cause blood to flow to the lips.

The effect of the plamper is not too durable, cosmetic. It is not recommended to use flame pickers, if you have sensitive skin, substances in the composition can cause a burning sensation or tingling sensation.



14. Peeling-roll, gommage

This Asian invention for exfoliating and getting rid of the greasy shine of the skin is suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin, because the dead particles are removed delicately and gently, just as much as necessary. It is not aggressive, like scrub, due to the lack of abrasive particles, and the chemical formula is balanced, so as not to irritate the problem skin.

The active ingredients in this case are AHA-acids and enzymes. The product is applied to the skin, and then is removed by rolling along with the impurities. Peelings can be enriched with oils and nutrients.



15. “Konnyaku” sponge

Natural sponge for washing performs several functions at once: it perfectly cleans the porous skin, delicately exfoliates dead cells, provides moisturizing of the skin. Sponges are absolutely hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

The “konnyaku” is made from the fibers of the exotic plant Amorphophallus konjac, which is found in Asia.

The new sponge will be a special solution. In air it gradually dries up. Before washing, you need to put the sponge in warm water and wait until it becomes soft again. After washing, the sponge is washed and hung in a dry place.

One sponge can be used for about 3 months.



16. DD-face cream

The development of "letter" creams does not stand still, and after BB- and CC-creams a new DD-formula has appeared. It stands for “daily defense.” More about “letter” creams you can read here.

This synthesis of BB- and CC-creams - high-quality moisturizing and protection plus a light tonal coating. The cream is designed to protect the skin from exhaust gases, solar radiation, toxic substances and smog. Designed for active urban women.



17. Mist

Mist is a kind of replacement and an improved formula for thermal water. This product in a spray format pleasantly cools the skin; it contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids that stimulate the production of collagen. In some mists there is glycerol - it provides firmness of makeup.

Use mists, like thermal water, haphazardly, when you want to refresh your face and matte your skin during the day.



18. Color base

Colored bases for make-up surprise with a variety of shades, which, it would seem, do not fit the skin. In fact, colors perform the functions of neutralizers. For example, the green base disguises the redness of the skin, the lilac yellow, and the blue base the orange tint. Peach bases will give the skin a radiant appearance, and white will lighten.

Color bases are applied in front of the tonal product, but they are not recommended to be used too often - this is a good choice for solemn occasions.



19. Cream-camouflage

Camouflage kinds of a cream are produced in small volumes - "buttons" and are intended to solve various problems with skin, masking of problems. Their principle is similar to the principles of color bases. Different colors are designed to hide rashes, scars, birthmarks, vascular net, couperose, scars.

In addition, such creams are enriched with moisturizers and vitamins.



20. Pore minimizer

Minimizers solve the problem of extended pores, visually remove them. These "grouts for pores" are similar to the base for make-up. Thanks to a special composition, they fill all the existing depressions on the face and even out the relief of the skin.

After that, the tonal tool will not "fail" in the pores and will not emphasize them.



Do you use any of these beauty products? Or maybe we forgot to mention something interesting and effective?


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