Beauty trends Autumn-Winter 2017/18 2017-11-14 15:59:00
Beauty trends Autumn-Winter 2017/18


Every woman is beautiful, but sometimes we want to emphasize our beauty with makeup. Cosmetic industry is developing every year, and, naturally, trends are also changing. We want to tell you a little about new trends in make-up.


Make-up for those who want to change, remaining themselves.


In the new season there is everything: from the ideal skin to imperfectly colored lips. But for the first time in the foreground are not shades, textures and techniques, but a message: what do you want to say with the help of makeup.

The main trends in the makeup of the winter of 2017/2018 are exactly the opposite of "makeup without makeup", which remained at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row. And although the image of the people still remains relevant, the color has returned to fashion, and with it various ways of applying beauty products. Metallic shadows in several shades at once, wine-colored lips, eyelashes like Twiggy’s - the next season is preparing a lot of interesting things.



Of course, the skin should be healthy regardless of the season and the dictates of fashion. But in this season it is important not just to create such an effect, carefully disguising imperfections, and get rid of them altogether. Even make-up artists on backstage used more moisturizer, not foundation. To do this, you need to invest more seriously than buying a concealer from dark circles or inflammations: you can not do without going to a cosmetologist.




As for the beauty forecasts for the coming winter, it is impossible to single out one dominant color in eye makeup. But you can accurately say that the texture of the metal will eclipse all the others. And it's not just about the light silvery haze on the eyelids, to which all are accustomed.


Shadows this fall can be any shade, but on condition that they have a metal finish. The habitual “smoky eyes”, thanks to mother-of-pearl, have acquired luxurious flicker, and the main shade for the eyes is red - it does not look aggressive any more. And, of course, you do not need to be limited to one color. One of the main means of makeup-2018 will be a liner. And here all the tricks are good!




Fashion on a carefully drawn form and unnaturally wide eyebrows gradually gives up the position. They are being replaced by natural eyebrows - the color and width, which you “got” from Mother nature. On shows to models, whose natural brows were light and not too pronounced, they did not tint them and did not darken them. The maximum that makeup artists put on the hairs, - a transparent gel, giving shape.


Gothic make-up - cat-like dramatically outlined eyes, dark clear lips - is also one of the leading trends in the autumn-winter season 2018. A prerequisite is that the emphasis should be on the lips and on the eyes.





Last season, everyone went crazy on the gradient lips, but in this a little calmed down. To stay in the trend, stock up with bright lipstick and radiant lip gloss - these two funds will rule the ball in the coming season.

If you were planning to buy a new lipstick for the next season, then you can be sure - it should be a dark berry shade. On dozens of fashion shows-2018 this trend of make-up was in the lead.

In 2018, not the matte, but the glossy coating for the lips come to the fore. Examples can be watched on a number of shows - from Giambattista Valli to Jill Stuart. The main key to the fashion image is easy negligence.

And one more thing, all day to follow the firmness of lipstick and tint the lips after each snack is tedious. Now you do not have to worry about the perfect application and the precise contour. We get the shades of wine and blueberries left over from last season - they are still relevant.



Each woman individually is responsible for the beauty of the universe! And how? What a beauty without charming women! Dear women, always be beautiful, charming and attractive. And our advice will help you in this! Do not forget, the most expensive clothes, this your skin.


Whatever colors are right for you, whatever trend you would like to try, you can implement all and even the most daring ideas of yours with quality decorative cosmetics, as well as medical and caring cosmetics and other health and beauty products sold in Baku and offered by shops on


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