Best gifts for women in the opinion of women themselves - 8th of March 2018-02-20 17:50:16
Best gifts for women in the opinion of women themselves - 8th of March


To choose a worthy gift to a beloved woman - mother, sister, girlfriend, wife or colleague - is a pleasant task, but not simple. This article will help you choose the most memorable gift and avoid common mistakes.


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Agree, it's hard to guess which hair care products will suit a girl. Honestly, most of us prefer to pick them themselves. But the unusual devices for styling will be a pleasant gift.



Most likely, the regular nail polish or manicure set will not please your mate as well as a UV-lamp for manicure or an electric nail file.



Surely you have a lot of mugs at home, and a good half of them remind you of a pleasant vacation or previous work places. In order not to repeat, give a tumbler or a thermos - what you can put in your purse and take to go.



Technology often fails us - phones are discharged almost instantly and, as a rule, at the most inopportune moment. Instead of a brand new case, pay attention to external batteries - they too are very beautiful.



If your girlfriend is very fond of cooking, a frying pan or pan can really be a great gift. The main thing, be original - find interesting design or unusual color. Bonus: you will definitely be treated with new dishes.



Notepads and pens should be given only to those who really use them regularly, for example, keeps a diary. But the magnetic board on the refrigerator is useful to everyone - it is very convenient to leave notes on it.



Money as a gift is most appropriate at a wedding. A great idea is a gift certificate, for example, for a photo shoot, a good restaurant or an online store.



Instead of photo albums and frames photo lovers can give a photo session in an unusual image or a pretty camera for snapshots.



Caring for a living plant is a responsibility. The recipient of the gift may not have the time or desire to care for the green pet. A useful alternative is an air humidifier.



Plush bears can be replaced with a cozy blanket and throws or a warm home suit with an unusual print.



Instead of bijouterie, give a small silver pendant or a fashionable fitness bracelet; they often look more beautiful than jewelry.



A successful replacement of the standard set of laundry will serve as a set for home spa treatments - every girl wants to relax after a long working week.


These are just a few options for possible gifts, which will be appreciated by the recipient. On the basis of these ideas, you can come up with something individual and more creative and valuable that will be liked and will be used with gratitude to the donor.


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