Buttons - simplicity or luxury?

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Buttons - simplicity or luxury?

Each woman has her own box, where bijouterie and jewelry is stored, or various trifles. And even the most negligent mistress has a jar, a box, a casket, where buttons are collected.

It seems, well, such a simple thing, but no, in the wardrobe, especially the female, the button can become one of the main notes in the score of the ensemble. This is the final point and the final touch of the artist.



And what important role is assigned to it - it can hide from importunate glances, or slightly open the door of secrecy, beckoning and attracting.

Where did this name come from? Dal explains the word button as a bugbear. That is, in Russia buttons played the role of amulets, often they had the form of a hollow ball, where a small pebble was embedded, and when walking buttons were tapping, scouring evil spirits.



The history of the origin of this subject is hidden in the depths of centuries, archaeologists date their analogues to the third millennium BC. In ancient times, only important and rich people wore buttons on clothes. They were rather even original brooches, ornaments that fixed the floor of the capes. From the beginning, the buttons were part of the men's wardrobe, and only much later, around the Middle Ages, they became part of the women's toilet. And then the women used them to decorate their outfits, and only then they began to be used for their intended purpose.

The modern appearance of the button acquired around the same time, the story ascribes great merit to this certain Knobbe from Denmark. It is then that the buttons become very popular, they are sewn on each suit by tens and hundreds. Now you can find buttons of a wide variety of shapes. The most simple with two and four holes, balls, similar to dragees, cubes, cylinders, triangles, rings, flowers, animal muzzles - all that will allow fantasy designers.



You can also say about the material and texture of buttons: plastic, wood, glass, metal, ceramics, mother of pearl, fabrics, weaving of threads. In the past, they were created from precious metals, engraved, trimmed with enamel or precious metals, and made buttons of diamonds, pearls, gems. The people used the horns, hooves, armor and shells of mollusks more simply. Such ancient buttons collect collectors-philobutonists. In private collections you can find real works of art from porcelain, Bohemian glass, with incrustations of stones and bones.



After the dressing took on a mass character, and then it became possible to make plastic buttons, it became a very ordinary detail and lost its individuality. But the masters of fashion do not give offense to the baby. The most famous brands are working to ensure that the button remains a bright piece of clothing or make its final chord in creating a stylish image. These products from Stepfanoise and buttons from Swarovski, Jim Knopf and mother of pearl buttons from Unton Knopf, products from natural materials from Brochot and buttons from horn, wood from Gruppo Uniesse, Paolo Rossi produce its miniature accessories from Murano glass, and crystal ones can be found from Sekondo Stefano Pavese.


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