Buying a refrigerator: what to look for 2018-09-20 19:24:20
Buying a refrigerator: what to look for

A short list of questions that will help to make the right choice

In an apartment, house and in the country without a refrigerator can not do. Answer yourself with just 5 questions to choose the right model.


1. How do you buy products?

If you go to the store often and bring a little - a fairly compact model. And if you buy everything you need for a week ahead - you can use a roomy refrigerator.

Remember that the food does not spoil, cold air must circulate between them. Do not load the shelves tightly with supplies.



2. Which products do you most often buy?

Someone needs a supply of fruits, vegetables and greens. And someone does not think a day without an excellent steak from chilled, not thawed meat. And to keep food as long as possible, you need a suitable refrigerator.

Modern models with the NoFrost system regulate the intensity of cooling, humidity and air circulation. Due to this, the products are stored longer.

It maintains a temperature of 0 ° C, and on the other shelves it is + 4 ° C. In the container for vegetables - always a stable temperature and natural humidity. The greens and vegetables will be fresh for a long time.



3. How many people live in the house?

There is a formula for calculating the volume of a refrigerator - about 60 liters per family member. For a family of three or four people, a refrigerator of 250 liters is enough.



4. Where to install the refrigerator?

When you have every millimeter of useful space in your account, it is worthwhile to find out its dimensions before buying the device.

It is even more important to calculate how you will open the door and draw out the drawers. Is there enough for this place? Some manufacturers offer an original solution: to outweigh the doors of the refrigerator to the other side of the case.

It is enough that the doors of the refrigerator open at 90 ° - so the drawers will be free to slide out.

If you like silence or plan to install a refrigerator in the kitchen-living room, when buying, pay attention to the noise level. The most "inconspicuous" models of refrigerators operate in the range of 20-25 decibels. This is comparable to the whisper of a man standing a meter away from you. The volume of more powerful models is about 40 decibels, as if the same interlocutor spoke in a calm tone.




5. Do you have a lot of frozen food?

The standard volume of the freezer is one third of the total volume of the refrigerator. For summer residents, who store berries and vegetables and those who buy a lot of meat for future use, a small freezer is not enough. Therefore, pay attention to the location of the compartments - this determines their capacity.

  • Freezer on top — the dimensions of this compartment are smaller. This option is suitable if you do not plan to freeze many products.
  • Freezer downу — The compartment is more spacious and roomy. The volume of typical models is 100-150 liters.
  • Side-by-Side —The model looks like a two-winged wardrobe. There is a freezer behind one door, a refrigerator behind the other. The width of such models is 90-120 cm. But the capacity can reach 700 liters. An excellent option for a large family.


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