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Choosing bicycle


In this article we will try to help you choose and buy a bicycle. Models from various shops of the city are presented on our website. Actually, is designed to help you understand the huge selection of bicycles that are sold now not only in Baku, but even on the way to the regions of Azerbaijan, which was not 5 years ago. Azerbaijanis are more and more addicted to a healthy lifestyle, and the bicycle is one of the most popular types of maintaining sports tone.


So, what to look for if you decide to buy a bicycle.


The basis of the construction of the bicycle is its frame. Frames are made of steel, of aluminum, titanium and other alloys, as well as of composite materials. Steel frames are simple, well repaired, but have a significant drawback - they are quite heavy. Frames made of alloys are lighter, but more expensive. Bikers have a saying: "The heavier you have a purse, the lighter will be a bicycle."


Before buying a bicycle, you need a fitting fitting, because the dimensions of bicycles are very different. Small people are 15-17 inches long, for high counts starts at twenty. You can also determine by eye whether this model is right for you. To do this, you need to stand on the ground so that the frame is between your legs. Ideally, a fist should flow freely between the upper frame and your body.



By appointment, bicycles are divided into the following main groups:

Road. This view is for every day. They have a rigid suspension and they do not have shock absorbers, they have a minimum number of speeds, they are equipped with a trunk. As a rule, these are inexpensive models.

Hardtails (from the English hard-tail - hard tail). This is the most common model of bicycles. They are equipped with a front shock absorber, which makes it more comfortable to drive on roads with poor coverage.

Two-pendants. These are bicycles with 2 shock absorbers - front and rear. Their destination is riding in the mountains and over rough terrain. Models are equipped with a solid frame with a developed suspension system, which determines their high cost.

Highways. Sports bicycles with narrower tires, have a very expensive frame and attachments.

BMX. These bikes are designed to perform tricks. They have no suspension and only one gear. It is unlikely that you will be interested in this model, if you are not a fan of stunts.



Of great importance when choosing a bicycle is a device for switching the speeds, which basically is of two types: trigger and grip-shift. Which design to give preference to - a matter of taste, but the trigger is used more often.


Why do I need to switch gears? In practice, it works like this: when climbing a hill, you exert the same effort as on a flat terrain, only to rotate the pedal is a little faster. Or, on the contrary, to achieve the maximum speed on the descent, as well as across the plain, you will have to expend more effort without changing the speed of pedaling.


The modern bicycle has a maximum of three gears, which are determined by the three front asterisks. But the rear sprockets are only auxiliary, helping smoothly to make a switch between the main front gears, which provides greater comfort. So, if you are offered a bicycle with 21 gears, you should realize that it is equipped with three front asterisks and seven rear ones. The claimed number 21 is obtained by multiplication of 3 x 7, which does not accurately reflect the total number of possible transmissions, but is generally accepted among bicycle manufacturers.



Which brakes are best - rims or discs - depends on the cost, the purpose of the bike and the operating conditions. On budgetary models, the disc brakes are placed on the more expensive ones. Super-ridden bicycles are equipped with a hydraulic system. Where the extreme is excluded and speed is important, the V-brake is suitable, for non-standard trips it is more reliable to purchase a bicycle with disc brakes.


Finding the right saddle is not such a simple matter as it seems. Not the fact that the best comfort will give a soft and wide seat. For a quick sport ride, saddles are preferred, reducing the risk of abrasions. And they are just narrow. It should, by the way, be recalled that the main load when riding must fall on the feet and to a lesser extent the hands, and the saddle serves to maintain only one point of the body.


The design of the classic ladies' bicycle was influenced by the length of the women's skirts. Long skirts strongly interfere with girls when they sit on a bicycle. Therefore, the upper part of the frame is lowered downwards. As a result, the rigidity of the structure was greatly reduced and this type of bicycle became suitable only for a quiet ride around the city. Traditional ladies' models are produced to this day, but they are replaced by bicycles that take into account the characteristics of female anatomy.


At first glance, ladies' bicycles are only a reduced copy of men's, but there are differences. The main ones are a shorter front triangle of the frame, a narrow steering wheel, a comfortable enlarged saddle, a lower weight and soft dampers.


The choice of type of tire for a bicycle is also important. For urban roads, tires with a tread pattern, called "slick" or "half-spike", are recommended.




Slick - for trips on the asphalt road. Has a smooth protector, perfectly passes for movement on an equal, dry surface. Such tires provide good speed, smooth and soft running. But you need to be careful with sudden braking on a slippery road.

Halfling is a combined option. In the center - teeth with a small relief. The edges are large or medium. Half-hair is a universal tire, which copes well with most everyday tasks.

Gravel and mud tires - differ by a rough pattern of tires. Teeth high and sparse. This guarantees safety on an uneven track. Their shortcoming is short-lived when riding on asphalt, their course is somewhat slower and requires a lot of effort.

Winter bicycle tires are necessary in conditions when the roads are snow-covered, in ice and when there are slippery conditions, semi-liquid dirt on the road. They differ in pronounced relief of the tire. Although it seems that for the conditions of Baku these tires are hardly needed. Maybe only in the north of the country, for example, Guba, Gabala and even Ganja, where the snow stays much longer.



So, you learned what parameters you need to pay attention when buying bicycles. To get acquainted with specific models of bicycles for kids and other types of vehicles sold in Baku, their characteristics and prices, as well as with hundreds of other products offered for sale in Baku, visit the site for your convenience is a site that has gathered for you the goods of various Baku stores in one place and helps in choosing the one you need.


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