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Choosing radio baby monitor


When choosing a radio baby monitor in Baku, pay attention to:


Radius of the signal. Must be at least 300 m if you live in a private house or in a large apartment. You should keep in mind that in the characteristics of the model indicate the range of action on a flat surface. The presence of walls and obstacles on the signal path significantly weakens it.


Type of recharging. There are baby monitors working only from the socket (at least one of the units). This is quite economical, but you can not take such a device with you, for example, while visiting friends or going out to the balcony (if there is no socket). Many models now work on batteries. But this option is quite expensive, because the baby monitor works around the clock, at least the first year and a half of the baby. Optimum will be the model with the possibility of recharging from the socket and installing batteries in both units.


The presence of an audio signal on the parent unit, if the battery charge is getting down. It is important that it does not happen that the signal is no longer there, and you do not know about it.


The presence of an audio signal, if a connection with the child's unit is lost. This function is especially important if you have a large house and a plot around it. Allows mother to go out into the yard and does not worry that she will not hear the signal from the nursery.


The feedback function or the "mother-baby" function. Thanks to it mother can answer the child that she hears him and is already going to him. Feedback will help you when the child grows up. You can tell a fairy tale, while cooking, or just play with the child, as with ordinary walkie-talkies.


Convenience of fastening. The parent block should always be with you. It can be a neck strap, a belt clip or a table stand.


When choosing a video baby monitor, you need to pay attention to the same characteristics as in the radio baby monitors. Plus, the baby monitor must have a "night" or infrared function. Otherwise, it will be dark on the screen at night.


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