Cleaning Magic: 10 Marie Kondo Rules 2019-04-10 16:13:41
Cleaning Magic: 10 Marie Kondo Rules

Our house and the objects that surround us, affect the internal state. Marie Kondo - a specialist in the organization of life - tells how to create a favorable atmosphere in the apartment.


1. Create an inspiring look

The first step is to create a picture of your ideal home in your head. Colors, volumes, decorative elements, light ... Marie Kondo's method is not to free up space at any cost, but “to arrange it in order to create conditions for life that you like”.


2. Tune in

As long as the head is full of daily chores, it will not work out the chaos in the house. Do not panic, looking at the mountains of things. Choose a quiet place where you can appreciate the place of each object in your universe. Anything that allows you to enter this state will do: quiet, unobtrusive music or mumble of TV. But the best ally is silence.



«Things that are hidden from view are usually not used for years.»


3. Decide immediately

When you feel ready, start sorting things out. First of all, decide what items are not needed. To achieve optimal results, follow these rules: either throw away the excess immediately, or put it in place.


4. No “just in case”

The only question to ask is, looking at every thing: “Does she give me joy?” If the answer is “no,” you know what to do. Quite often, we are plagued by doubts: “Maybe I still need it? Always have time to throw out. " Fluctuations mean that you are attached to things. Remember when and why you bought it. Is it important to you today, as before?


5. Sort items by category, not by room

Chaos is when things have no place and they arbitrarily wander from one corner to another. Keep in one place everything that falls into one category. Inspect the house in search of the same type of items (cleaning products, jewelry, cosmetics). Spread them on the floor in groups. So you can estimate the volume of things belonging to one category, and understand how and where they are best kept.




6. Do not fill boxes more than 90%

Storage spaces scored to capacity are black holes. That which is hidden from the eyes is usually not used for years. We forget about pots, socks and notebooks that are barricaded in cabinets and drawers. “We tend to try to fill the gaps,” says Marie Kondo, “But if the goal is order, it’s better that everything is visible. Limit yourself to one or two rows so that you can look at the contents of each shelf. ”


7. Folding clothes with origami

Clothing, folded as it were, takes up more space and creates a feeling of confusion. The best way to avoid this is to always stack things along the same lines. Use Japanese origami technique. “Practice several times - and you will do it automatically every time, like a robot,” the expert says.



8. Create your "place of power"

A comfortable sofa, a table, fenced off by a screen, a rocking chair - there should be a place in the house that will serve as a refuge (or den). “Having a private space is very important for mental comfort. It will warm you from the inside, like a warm cat in your bosom in the winter cold, ”says the coach. A small corner is enough.


9. Understand the past

Things that are expensive as a memory of the emotions associated with them are not only the “long-livers” in our house, but also the main source of confusion. How can I throw this ticket to a concert where you had such a good time? And this camera, on which the grandfather shot you in childhood? Precious memories will not fade, even if you part with their physical embodiment. If necessary, spend a little time with a thing that is valuable to you. Take a picture of it, describe it. Reconcile with the fact that it no longer belongs to your life today. To part with the past is important to make room for the present and the future - in the literal and figurative sense.




10. Use things intelligently

In order to maintain order every day, Marie Kondo advises to follow certain rituals: always return things to their place, thank them for being able to use them, and take care of them. “When you finish putting the house in order, it will become clear to you what the meaning and purpose of each thing is,” explains the coach. - You will understand their true value and learn how to consciously handle them. Such an approach is a guarantee of not only physical cleanliness, but also clarity of mind and inner harmony. ”


About expert

Who is Marie Kondo? Renowned space management consultant, Japanese Marie Kondo became the guru of ordering for millions of women after she released and immediately became the world's best-selling book Magical Cleaning: The Japanese Art of Ordering. In 2015, Marie Kondo entered the Top 100 most influential people in the world according to Time magazine, and Eksmo publishing house published her book in Russian.

Marie Kondo teaches without regret to say goodbye to the fact that causes negative emotions or does not cause any feelings. The author promises that with the help of magical cleaning even lazy and sloppy people will once and for all bring order not only in their home, but also in life.

The Kondo cleaning philosophy suggests respecting things and space. First of all, you need to deal with things that belong only to you: with clothes, accessories and documents. And only then you can go to the general subjects: tools, kitchen utensils, decor and furniture.


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