Do you have a multicooker? Excellent advices for happy owners of slowcookers 2018-05-17 10:34:24
Do you have a multicooker? Excellent advices for happy owners of slowcookers

In this article, owners of such an irreplaceable thing in the household, like a multicooker, can find a lot of useful, and maybe new information.


"Smart pot" - a real salvation for those representatives of the fair sex and not only that because of the rapid rhythm of life can not stand for hours at the stove.



Advantages and disadvantages of the multicooker, its advantages and disadvantages, harm and benefit


From all sides you can hear how to praise multicooker. And is it really useful food cooked in it? In this connection, the question immediately arises: is this modern apparatus really so unique that its advantages outweigh its few and minor shortcomings? Is there a health hazard from the multicooker and if so, what is it expressed in?


Multicooker: pros and cons

So, the pros of this device:

  • Versatility. This device allows you to solve a number of tasks related to cooking, and the availability of different modes will help you to diversify the diet of your family. You will be able to boast before your home, and maybe even before your guests with your culinary masterpieces, not only tasty, but also useful, and most importantly, quickly prepared..
  • Speed. The presence of the pressure cooker mode will allow you to spend a maximum of 10-20 minutes preparing a dinner or dinner. If this regime does not exist, then the cooking time will be as long as on the stove, but without your direct participation in the process!
  • Delayed start. This function will allow you to sleep in the morning, while your favorite porridge will be prepared and will ripen just at the moment of your breakfast. Or a delicious and hot dinner will be ready by the time you return from work. In this, in our opinion, is the most important advantage of the multicooker.
  • Funcionality. Some models, in addition to the standard functions for making pilaf, porridges offer a choice of cooking pastries, yoghurts, bread, which saves time and is very useful.
  • Teflon, which covers the cups of multicooker allow your dishes not to burn, and the milk does not fall outside the pan. This material can be cooked without adding oil. but, as you know, "you can not spoil the porridge with oil".
  • Security. If the appliance is used correctly, you can avoid splashing oil or burn with steam.




Armed with knowledge of the advantages of the multicooker, let's take a look at its shortcomings.

Disadvantages of multicooker

  • Price. Devices with a wide range of functions and good parameters are quite expensive. From budget options it is not necessary to wait for miracles and delights, they contain only the necessary minimum of modes and functions.
  • Insufficient speed. In models without the function of the pressure cooker your food will not be prepared faster; if you have a gas stove, then the device itself will not be so interesting to you.
  • Diversity of functional. As we have already explained, a multicooker can have a function for baking bread, cooking yogurts or even being an oven. But from each of these devices individually you can get much more than from a multicooker with additional functions. If you are a fan of yogurt, it makes sense to buy a separate yogurt girl.  
  • The same Teflon can be attributed to the shortcomings of the device. It can easily be damaged with careless use, after which its main advantage - not allowing food to burn - will be lost. That will have to protect the cover.



Main modes


Meals are prepared in a conventional oven at low temperatures, because of which is saturated, incredibly fragrant and one piece that is suitable for the preparation of soups, all cereals, which need time for simmering. The extinguishing time is from 1 to 12 hours. So please be patient!


In this mode, you can not only cook biscuits and puddings, but also fry meat, roast vegetables for borscht, brown the vegetables for subsequent quenching. The cooking time is already significantly lower - from 20 to 65 minutes. In many models this mode is not available, and models with it are more expensive.

Pilaf, Milk porridge and Buckwheat

These modes allow you to prepare meals using a special technology, in which the multicooker itself changes the temperature regime. The device itself will bring the rump to a boil, and then reduce the temperature, leaving the porridge to languish. If your slowcooker does not have a Pilot or Buckwheat mode, you can replace it with the Quenching mode. The cooking process in these modes takes from 40 minutes to 1 hour.


So we found out the advantages and disadvantages of the multicooker. Having weighed the pros and cons, you can decide on buying this device.




What kind of multicooker to buy? The average multicooker has 6 basic cooking modes: Pilaf, Buckwheat, Baking, Steaming, Stewing and Milk porridge. According to the experience of other users, it can be said that the most frequently used functions are Baking and Stew.


How to use the slowcooker


So, you have purchased a multicooker. Below are some tips that you can take advantage of and add new dishes to your family's menu.

1. For 5-6 hours of cooking in the "Stew" mode, you get amazing melted milk.

2. If not lit, in the same mode for 1 hour you can boil the milk.

3. The casing of the pot perfectly preserves the heat, therefore, if the warm milk is fermented from the evening, in the morning you can enjoy a wonderful yogurt or fermented baked milk.

4. Eggs can be cooked in a bag in 5 minutes in "Steam cooking" mode, and in 12 minutes hard-boiled eggs turn out.

5. In the " pilaf" mode, it's not difficult to cook stewed potatoes with golden crust. It is not necessary to interfere with potatoes and control the process: a smart pan knows when to switch to heating mode.
6. In the "Stew" mode, you can also cook potatoes without frying from below.
7. Mode "Pilaf" - a godsend for lazy men: with his help you can make a luxurious dinner of ready-made ravioli. To do this, put 0.5 kg of ready-made pelmeni in a multicooker and pour 100 g of water. Before cooking, salt, pepper dumplings and add a tablespoon of butter to the pan.
8. The "Baking" mode allows you to fry fish and cook any meat.
9. The "Stew" mode is the best choice for making the most transparent and fragrant
10. "Stew" or "Buckwheat" modes allow cooking 2 dishes at once: at the bottom of the groats or garnish, and on top in a special basket - meat, cutlets or sausages.
11. In the "Stew" mode for 90 minutes, you can prepare an amazing soup.
12. The mode "Baking" and "Pilaf" allow you to prepare a wonderful dish - pasta with ground meat. To do this, first in the "Baking" mode, fry the minced meat with onions, and then add the dry pasta (horns or feathers) to the saucepan before switching on the "Pilaf" mode.
All this you need to fill with a small amount of boiling water so that only the ends of pasta stick out of the water. Before you press the button of the program, you should salt and mix the ingredients.



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