Do you know what the letters on the phone buttons are for? 2018-08-24 13:41:29
Do you know what the letters on the phone buttons are for?

Why do we need letters on the buttons of the phone, if we use only numbers (And why the future is for them)

Pick up your smartphone and try to dial any 7-digit number. Now try to do the same with letters, because they do not accidentally neighbor next to the numbers in your phone. If you did not succeed, do not worry, we will now open to you a simple and useful lifhak that you want to immediately share with your friends.

The letters on the telephones appeared long before the invention of smartphones and served to dial numbers.



In the US, Canada and Europe, where telephone communication developed the fastest, the apparatus, along with the numbers, duplicated virtually all the letters of the Latin alphabet, except for Q and Z because of the similarity between 0 and 2. The letters usually belonged to a certain telephone exchange that connected you with the right subscriber.



Since 1928, in some cities of the USSR, the first 10 letters of the alphabet, with the exception of the "Z", which could have been confused with the number 3, were also used on the communication devices along with the figures. However, in the late 1960s, following the United States and European countries, long-distance digital dialing system, and letters ceased to be used for communication with subscribers.

With the increase in the number of phones, the length of the numbers also grew, which became more difficult to remember.



Americans solved this problem with the help of mnemonic rules. They again replaced the numbers with letters from the phone buttons to make it easier to remember long numbers.

For example, a well-known hotel chain instead of the full customer support number 1-800-445-8667 on the site writes simply 1-800-HILTONS. Thus, when you are going to call them, you just dial the numbers that correspond to the letters on the keys of the phone.

The alphabetic number due to its clarity today is a kind of viral marketing.



For example, some American companies even use their unique number as a name. So, the company for the sale of contact lenses is called 1-800 Contacts, and the company for the delivery of flowers - 1-800-Flowers.

And on such unusual combinations you can make good money. For example, the Australian number 13TAXI was bought for almost $ 1 million.

Even garbage processing companies are not lagging behind the fashion trend. Number 1-800-IS-CLEAR is remembered immediately.



In Russia, while the US trend is not picked up, and preference is given to short or "beautiful" numbers, where all the figures are repeated.



You can imagine that in the near future domestic advertising could look like this: "Pizza delivery in 20 minutes! Phone: "Pizza-20". This message means that the order can be made on the number 547-72-20. Although this would be a bit problematic if the buttons on your smartphone are represented only by Latin letters.


Bonus Secret: Why Letters Begin With Two



For technical reasons, in the United States, the numbers did not start with one, and zero historically has always served to connect with the telephone operator. Therefore, if you now look at your smartphone or home phone, then the letters at zero and one unit will not be found.



The idea with alphabetic numbers can look good on business cards, if the numbers of your phone allow you to make up some unusual word. And to not choose the options yourself, this can easily be done on special sites.


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