It's easier to protect your youth and beauty after 25 by following these easy rules 2018-07-09 14:12:43
It's easier to protect your youth and beauty after 25 by following these easy rules

Imagine that you were presented with a stunning costume in which you are absolutely irresistible. In order for him to serve you as long as possible, you will start to look after him immediately, and do not wait for the appearance of stains and clues, right? Here also to care of preservation of a youth of a skin it is necessary to begin, when she still is fresh and elastic.

All women want to remain beautiful all their life. Here are just a few basic tips for caring for young skin - after 25 years.


Rule #1/ Protect what you have



You are still young and beautiful, so you do not need the means "giving a healthy appearance", smoothing wrinkles, tightening and generally designed for some cardinal changes in appearance. Your task is to preserve that freshness and elasticity that is given by nature.

  • What to do: When assessing the need for a particular remedy, lifehack, procedure, ask yourself a question: does it save or change? If the second, then postpone it for 10 years, no less.


Rule #2. Do not allow to dry out



Humidification is the mantra with which you must now wake up and go through life. Humidification in 24/7 mode, inside and out. The first visual age-related changes are due to the fact that the skin loses moisture. We can not abolish this process, but it is quite realistic to slow it down.

  • What you need to do: On your dressing table should appear funds with hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing ingredients, and in your purse - a mystic spray. And always remember about maintaining the water-salt balance. Especially absent-minded and busy will come to the rescue reminders on your smartphone or special applications (iOS, Android). And to monitor the water content in the body, you can buy a home body composition analyzer.


Rule #3. Do not touch with hands



Your beauty resists to such powerful forces as time, gravity, bad ecology and other negative external factors, so there is no need to complicate its task and destroy the health of the skin with your own hands. It's not about you? Okay, remember when you last touched your face - they propped your chin with your palm or scratched your nose ... And before that there was a smartphone in your hands, or a car steering wheel, or ... yes, you never know. The main thing is you have put dirt on your face. Or maybe you also sleep on your stomach?

  • What do we have to do:
  1. Drop the habit of touching your face without much need.
  2. Do not rub your eyes even with clean hands - you can injure the skin of eyelids.
  3. Buy silk pillowcases and change them 1-2 times a week - they are more sensitive to your face than cotton or satin.
  4. After washing, wash your face with a towel without rubbing your face.
  5. Develop the habit of keeping the handset away from your face.
  6. Any mechanical manipulation of the skin should be done by the cosmetologist or yourself, but only after consulting a dermatologist and in accordance with his recommendations.


Rule #4. Protect from sun



No matter how much cosmetologists and dermatologists say about the harm of sunburn, but for the sake of bronze skin, some charmers are ready to take any risk. Meanwhile, the spectrum of UVA, which penetrates deeper layers of the skin (compared to UVB), with constant exposure to the skin, can thin the dermal layer - the one that provides structural support to the skin. When the dermis weakens, the upper layer - the epidermis - begins to literally slip. Still not ready to give up tanning? Then try to at least minimize the risks.

  • What do we have to do:
  1. Remember the main rule: as soon as the length of your shadow is less than your height, it is a signal that it's time to hide from the sun.
  2. Take care of purchasing quality cosmetics from the "before and after sunbathing" series.
  3. Strengthen 1.5-2 times the intensity of moisturizing procedures - the usual program will already be insufficient.
  4. And it is best to love your natural shade of skin and protect it with sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats.


Rule #5. Rejection of bad habits



Harmful habits therefore are called so that they damage our health. And since the skin reacts quickly to problems in the body, our beauty also suffers from addictions. After 25 years you are already an established person, you do not need to harm yourself from teenage "considerations" (to look cool to fit into the company, etc.), so you can relax and do only what will benefit you personally.

  • What you need to do: Do ​​not start a new life on Monday - few people are able to reverse 180 degrees, and such attempts often lead to failure. Start a little. For example, if you are used to the midnight and want to normalize the sleep mode, first learn to go to bed at the same time, even if it's even 2:30, take care not to stay up until 2:35. When you get used to discipline, you can move the lights out time to an earlier time. In the network you can find many techniques to combat bad habits - choose one that suits you.


Rule #6. Regular cleansing



Most of us live not in alpine meadows, and during the day the skin protects us from a lot of pollution, germs and bacteria. The daily ritual of our gratitude is the thorough and careful purification of this silent defender. And if in the morning it is enough to wipe it with micellar, then evening care should be given more attention.

  • What to do: Read carefully the composition of the cleansing cosmetics - eliminate from your arsenal funds on an alcohol basis. Regardless of whether you are doing multi-stage cleaning or washing "quick", always the same: never go to bed without washing off your makeup. And, of course, the effectiveness of care will be higher if the doctor will help you to choose a program of care - with the current variety of means and their forms it's no wonder and make a mistake.


Rule #7. High-quality cosmetics



Be attentive to everything that your skin comes into contact with, especially to cosmetics. As a rule, the makeup applied in the morning remains with us throughout the day, and all this time it affects our skin. A positive or negative - it already depends on ourselves.

  • What do we have to do:
  1. Buy cosmetics on the principle of "less is better, but better."
  2. For daily use choose the most lightweight form of tonal means - fluid, loose powder, etc.
  3. Weekly wash brushes and makeup sponges.
  4. Proper storage of cosmetics.
  5. Once every six months, carry out a general audit of the shelf life of all your cosmetics. No regrets to throw out overdue funds: health is more expensive.


Rule #8. Smile



The first wrinkles that appear on the face are mimic. And after 50 years on the face of a person it's easy to guess his character, because the most familiar emotion sticks to us like a mask. So think about how you will be perceived in adulthood, it's time now.

  • What you need to do: To "erase" unwanted facial expressions from the face, you can learn the technique of relaxation, which will help to cope with stress and relax facial musculature. In addition, cultivate self-discipline - accustom yourself from time to time to listen to the sensations, whether your expression is frozen with a strained grimace. And ... smile! The more often and sincerely, the more likely that your friendly smile will stay with you for a long time.


Rule #9. Care not only about your face



Of course, a person is our calling card. Therefore, in the pursuit of youth, there is a great risk of focusing on facial care and missing out on the not so noticeable age markers. Which in the future can take revenge, treacherously giving out your year of birth.

  • What to do: Remember that all of the above applies not only to the face, but also to the neck, décolleté area and hands. All these zones must be gently cleansed, toned, moistened and protected from unnecessary physical influences. Do gymnastics for the face oval, take care of support for the breast, use household gloves in everyday life.


Rule #10. Lifestyle



If you decide to keep the youthfulness of your skin as long as possible, it means that you need to conduct a complete revision of your habits and lifestyle. There is no magic pill, taking that, you will erase from the face of years of lack of sleep, stress, tobacco smoke and unhealthy eating. There is no miracle cream that "will replace" the skin, thinned with ultraviolet and injured by a hard scrub. Caring for yourself will not be a burden to you if it becomes a natural part of your daily life.

  • What to do: Love your body, take care of yourself and decorate the world with the radiance of your smile.

And what do you do to preserve your youth and beauty? Share your secrets and useful habits. Or maybe you know a way how to get rid of bad habits and are ready to share your experience? We will be glad to hear your opinion.


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