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Errors that shorten the life of household appliances

Quite often the technique breaks down due to the fact that we are lazy to treat it correctly, do not read the instructions and constantly do something wrong.


In this article are collected tips, thanks to which your household appliances do not break before the due date and even will last longer. Аnd you can select the household appliances in online shopping center where you can review the offers by various shops selling household appliances in Baku.


Washing machine




  • Do not place heavy objects on the washing machine or stand on it.
  • Be sure to check all pockets and remove the remaining trifle from them before washing.
  • Do not use anything other than a special washing machine powder and a laundry conditioner when washing. Powder for hand washing is foaming too much and can cause a breakdown.



  • Wipe the rubber parts inside the machine after each wash, remove and dry the powder and rinse aid compartment. If this is not done, the machine can form mold. The compartment must be periodically washed.
  • Unload the machine as soon as it has finished washing. If heavy wet laundry will stay for long, it can damage the drum.
  • If your machine does not have a special self-cleaning program, you need to run an empty machine about once a month with the maximum water heating, and add lemon juice, vinegar or a descaling agent to the powder compartment.





  • Proper care of the refrigerator begins when he has not even come to your home yet. Refrigerators should be transported vertically and not tilted more than 40 degrees. Otherwise, oil from the compressor may leak and damage the entire system.
  • The oil can leak out of the compressor even if you turn on the refrigerator immediately after you have brought it. Wait about four hours, and preferably six hours, if you are sure that the refrigerator was not tilted during transportation. If there is no such certainty, it is better to wait about 15 hours.



  • Do not put hot dishes in the refrigerator, always let them cool down.
  • Modern models do not need a full defrost twice a year. But periodically all the same it is necessary to wash the refrigerator completely, disconnecting it from the mains.
  • Do not forget that the rear of the refrigerator must be cleaned from time to time with a vacuum cleaner. Of course, before that the refrigerator must be turned off from the outlet.


Slow cooker (multicooker)



  • Do not put a dirty pan in the slow cooker, or a pan that is wet from the outside, this will lead to breakage.
  • It is important to wipe the lid of the slow cooker from the inside every time after cooking, if it is not removable. It can accumulate moisture, fatty vapors and food remnants.



  • Do not rinse the cereals in the pan from the slow cooker, so as not to scratch it. For the same reason, wash the pan only with a soft sponge.
  • Keep all ingredients below the maximum.





  • Properly place the dishes in the dishwasher - upside down.
  • Before putting the dishes inside, be sure to clean it from any debris and grease - it's best to rinse it in the sink.
  • Remove paper labels from the plates and cups - they can clog the filters.
  • When placing objects in the machine, make sure that they do not come in contact with each other and do not block the rotation of the water spray.



  • Use only special powder and tablets. The usual dishwashing liquid poured into the dishwasher will lead to breakage.
  • It is important that small objects and cutlery do not fall down - they can block rotating parts, so locate them correctly.
  • Always fall asleep and fill in the machine with all the necessary substances: salt and rinse aid. They not only improve the quality of washing, but also extend the life of the machine.





  • Products that weigh very little, it is better not to warm in the microwave alone. Warm them together with a glass of water, so that it takes some of the waves to yourself.
  • It is better not to put anything on the microwave. But if this is necessary, make sure that the objects do not block the ventilation hole.
  • Never turn on an empty furnace - the magnetron (a device that generates microwave waves) can easily break down.
  • Do not put too heavy food in the oven (the maximum permissible weight is specified in the instructions for each specific appliance).



  • Do not use cookware that is not adapted for the microwave oven - this may result in a fire.
  • Do not reheat food for longer than necessary.
  • And, of course, in time, remove the remnants of food and fat from the walls of the device by soft means.





  • Do not allow water to enter the toaster, do not use it with wet hands. Take care that there are no flammable objects close to one another, for example, curtains.
  • Only dry bread or pastries can be fried in the toaster. Bread and rolls in the glaze, with butter or cream can not be cooked in the toaster.
  • If you use a toaster every day, it should be cleaned from the inside of the crumbs once a week. Do not forget to remove the plug from the outlet before cleaning.




  • Do not use the blender to grind too hot, newly cooked products. It is necessary to wait until they cool down to at least 70-80 ° C.
  • The compartment with the motor is best restricted from moisture penetration. To clean it, you need to take a damp cloth and wipe the cabinet.



  • Do not immerse the immersion blender for a very long time so that the motor does not overheat.
  • It is not recommended to use a blender when grinding only dry ingredients, such as crackers.


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