Fall-Winter 2019-2020 trend shoes

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Fall-Winter 2019-2020 trend shoes

Nothing pleases a woman more than buying a new pair of shoes. What will be the fashion shoes for fall-winter 2019-2020?  What models should you pay special attention to when preparing for the new season?  Let's talk about everything in order!

Shoes are now fiercely competing with clothing for the title of a key part of the image, and not just complementing the outfit - all thanks to the variety of decor that switches all attention to itself.

Each year, new fashionable shoes appear, which, with the light hand of trendsetters, is becoming beloved and in demand.

Fashionable shoes 2019-2020 was no exception, because it was the collections of famous designers that became the source of ideas for stylish beauties wondering what shoes to choose, what to wear fashionable shoes with, which fashionable shoes will be universal, and which ones can be worn only on certain occasions  .

Each season has its own fashionable shoes.  For the fall-winter season, designers have prepared both light, half-closed shoes that can be worn on sunny autumn days, and warm and comfortable models that will protect you from the cold, wind, frost, excessive moisture, taking care not only of your beauty, but  and health.

We suggest considering several trends of winter shoes 2019-2020 to help you choose the right one for the current season.  Choosing the perfect option based on the abundance of paints, textures, materials and varieties of heels is not an easy task.  What will be relevant this winter?  Perhaps the choice will fall on a snake print or varnish, leather or textile.  In any case, do not forget to pay attention to the full image, compatibility with your winter wardrobe - so you will be ready for all occasions.


The most fashionable shoes for the fall-winter 2019-2020 seasons are sneakers.  Yes, yes, again.  Moreover - in any form!  If a few seasons ago, designers erected white sneakers on a pedestal, but now they do not limit fashionistas to anything: in the collections you can find both white and multi-colored sneakers, and the ugly dad sneakers that have become a hit.


Massive heel

The famous and tried and tested massive heel is back in trend.  A distinctive feature of this form is stability - such winter shoes will help you not to be taken by surprise in the event of adverse winter weather.  The square-shaped heel is beautifully combined with both classic office items and casual with culottes and a midi skirt.


Shiny shoes

 For the winter 2019 season, shiny shoes will be relevant: boots and shoes made of shiny leather, metallic and other variations.  We create a trendy image using color accents, including burgundy, black, fuchsia and deep blue.


Sport style

Winter shoes in sports style are not only insulated high sneakers, but also military-style boots.  Such an element in the wardrobe is suitable for every day, as well as for cases where you can afford to experiment in the image.  Combine tough lace-up boots with mid-length dresses and skirts.



Snake texture

Snake prints, as well as the texture of snake skin have long been popular in the fashion world: bags, shoes and other accessories in this design will always find their chosen one.  Note that in the winter season of 2019, various variations of animal prints also prevail.  Unusual shades - the color of the sea wave, fresh green and other bright colors became an innovation in the favorite topic.


Wild West

Cowboy boots are a popular winter shoe model inspired by the Wild West, country music and other cowboy themes.  The so-called "Cossacks" (an alternative name for this shoe model) can be with a high leg, reaching the knee, as well as short.  We recommend combining with jeans and long skirts.



In the new collections, elegant shoes 2019-2020 with unusual heel options and decorative elements are demonstrated.

Sharp toe

Another classic example of winter shoes is pointed toe boots.  You can combine a sharp toe with almost any heel, be a classic model with a heel, or a massive designer heel.  The choice of leading designers in the winter 2019 season follows the trend of the 2000s, when you could see an extremely sharp sock.  Today, we mainly find boots on low base, but we do not forget that no one has canceled the classics and studs.



Curly heels

Earlier, we published a selection of unusual heels, and again we repeat: strangely shaped heels are one of the main trends of the winter season.  Triangular, round and avant-garde figures - will look relevant and stylish.



Square toe

A trend that is gaining more and more popularity and recognition of others from year to year.  The square shape of the toe of winter boots is an unusual and comfortable way to express yourself and your readiness to follow fashion trends.

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