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Fashion bags of the season 2017-2018

The art of creating stylish images is not so simple, because it will require you not only to know the current trends, but also the ability to select competent combinations of all elements of the image, starting with coats, dresses, trousers, skirts and blouses, and ending with shoes and handbags. And, strangely enough, the bag is one of the accessories most difficult for taming. If you want to buy a bag in Baku, we advise you to arm yourself with the following tips and make your choice in the online shopping center, which collected for your convenience all offers from stores offering and selling various bags in Baku.


In the ideal case, it becomes the main accent of looks, brings in it a fresh and unconventional note, allows you to emphasize your current mood and attitude, otherwise it turns into a banal thing that serves only to carry a diary, phone, cosmetics and keys.



Considering the choice of bags for their intended use, we always rely on how many and what items can be packed in a new bag, that is, how practical it will be. And only after that we begin to combine the concept of practicality and individuality. To make the choice of a bag to bring pleasure, you must first note in your mind that no matter how practical a woman you are, there should not be one bag in your wardrobe, because circumstances make you change clothes, and so, too, bags.


Let's start with the shape and size of the bags. In the new autumn-winter season 2017-2018, designers offer a lot of options, including large bags and miniature purses, which are difficult to name bags, most likely, these are handbags.


As for the form - and here in the choice of limits there. And yet, consider those that were most often encountered on the podium or were among those seen.


Women's bags 2017-2018 - shape and sizes

Pick up a bag in shape and size in the new season will not be difficult. On the podium there were various models not only with clear geometric lines - rectangular, square or trapezoidal. On a wave of popularity in the autumn and winter period will be bags of round shape, bags in the form of saddles, oval shapes.



Fashionable bags of large size

They are called a shopper bag or bag-maxi-size. On the one hand, a huge bag seems not quite comfortable, and on the other hand, it becomes very handy when shopping. It will be able to accommodate everything that you buy.


Such bags are offered by designers Acne Studios, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Celine, Chanel, Coach and many other brands. Such “bottomless” bags were once worn only by athletes, now designers recommend the most ordinary girls trying to raise such a burden.



Bag-folder 2017-2018

An alternative to a portfolio can be a bag-folder. Such a folder can be with and without a pen. Wear it as convenient for you, but for a business girl surely will be convenient to put the documents in it. These bags are very suitable for laconic coats, dresses and suits. The ideal addition in this case will be short gloves.



Postal bag or tablet

This kind of bag is one of the most popular among young girls, preferring casual style. These bags include both flat and semi-circular bags resembling a bag-saddle. All these models are convenient in that they have pens - long and short, and a flat shape makes it easy and free to move. Such a bag is very convenient; it will not interfere in a business rush.



Fashionable color

Collections of 2018 amaze with a variety of color solutions. Of course, the designers did not dare to completely abandon the traditional black color, because it is such a bag is considered basic and can easily be combined with any clothing. Handbags made of black leather, are presented not only in the classic style, but also in the segment of evening accessories. At the same time, fashion gurus presented many models in bright colors.


So, for example, Fendi bet on the trendy color of spring grass, Kate Spade - on a cold shade of red, Nina Ricci - on a cheerful yellow, the Roksanda brand chose as one of the favorites a shade of fuchsia, and Carven demonstrated a model in a noble wine. At the same time, the color favorite of designers became "fifty shades of blue".


In the trend, the most varied variations of this expensive and interesting color - from the transparent and cool blue to the dark blue, bringing a note of aristocracy in the simplest bow. The trend was gladly supported by Gucci, Iceberg, Issey Miyake, Roksanda and Versace. Blue handbags are adorable both in pure monochrome, and with accent details in the form of green, pink, orange or brown straps, pens or inserts.



For a long period of time, the choice of accessories was subject to one rule that says that the bag should match the tone of the shoes in color. Modern designers have broken this idea, treating it to the category of obsolete and unfashionable, but this only applies to monochrome solutions. Among the unconditional “must have” in 2018, it is necessary to mention the handbag chosen for the color or the main print of other items of the wardrobe. Girls who are afraid that they will not be able to subordinate this difficult trend can act in the simplest way, choosing an accessory in terms of 100% match in color. The highest manifestation of the sense of style in 2018 will be a bag that perfectly follows the complex prints, patterns and decor of your coat, dress or suit. So, for example, the clutch from Elie Saab exactly repeats the color solution and stripes blouses.



The opening of 2018 was the return of decorative suspenders, which must necessarily be disharmonized with a handbag appearance or color. Even the most rigorous model, combined with an unusual suspension in the form of a stylized insect, animal, flower or decorative fob with fringe immediately becomes an individual thing that emphasizes the mood and character of the girl. The trend is quite noticeable in the shows from the fashion houses Coach 1941, Fendi and Kate Spade.



The new fashion year brought with it one more unusual fashion innovation: the belts ceased to be exclusively functional, becoming a full-fledged decor element. Let's say even more of this - sometimes pens and straps look much more interesting than a bag or a clutch! So, for example, Fendi had a portfolio handle wrapped around with an edgy fur, Roksanda brand designers carelessly tied bright cords instead of handles, and Coach 1941 decorated a saddle bag with a strap in bright ethnic design.

As you can see, the choice of bags is huge, among them there are also non-standard models, bold prints and a palette, and there are some that reach absurd ideas. But it all depends on you: on your taste, status and personality. In any case, before you is a great opportunity to diversify the images and create your own style.


And in this we will gladly help you!


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