Fashionable shoes 2019, which is incredibly comfortable to wear. 2019-04-05 13:55:18
Fashionable shoes 2019, which is incredibly comfortable to wear.

Fashionable and comfortable women's shoes in 2019.


Can fashion shoes be comfortable? Of course! Many have the mistaken view that a fashionable image necessarily implies high-heeled shoes. Fashion has become incredibly comfortable, which can not but rejoice. And even ordinary sneakers can make an image stylish.


What shoes this year can be called the most comfortable?


1. Sneakers

Undoubtedly, sneakers are one very comfortable shoes. Both laconic white (black, black and white) designs and bright, saturated colors are in fashion. Inserts, prints are welcome. Special chic laces bright color.






2. Mules

Mulley is a shoe without a backdrop, which has a lot of a variety of designs: straps, fur design, various colors. But its distinctive feature is convenience and comfort.




3. Kitten heels

To look trendy, it is not necessary to wear high heels. Maximum 5 cm! And these are the famous Kitten heels, which have become popular over the past few seasons. They are extremely comfortable, they are universal, they easily fit into any style and add femininity to the image.




4. Wide heels

The wide heel is incredibly comfortable, and in recent years this shoe has become much more. Boots, ankle boots, shoes, sandals. There are plenty to choose from. Optimum heel height-5cm.




5. Wedges

Shoes on wedges or platform is very comfortable to wear, but the height of the platform or wedges should be optimal. The massive platform visually makes the leg bigger, it is worth remembering. Rough platforms are relevant in the style of casual.




6. Espadrilles

In the fashion trends of 2019, it is possible to single out the espadrilles, which are notable for their special wearing comfort. This shoe has a woven sole and textile upper. Spanish shoes, which were previously worn exclusively by the poor, fell in love with fashionistas around the world.




7. Moccasins and Loafers

Moccasin - shoes that came to us from America, it is distinguished by a U-shaped nose and a relief seam. Loafers are often confused with loafers. Loafers are somewhat reminiscent of men's shoes, they are distinguished by a jumper on the toe. Loafers are often decorated with tassels or buckles.






8. Oxfords and Derby

Oxfords and derbies are very similar in appearance, but they still have small differences: the first side laces are sewn with the lower edges in the cape part, and the second they are sewn over the side edges. In other matters, it does not prevent these boots from being very comfortable.




9. Sleepers and slipons

In spite of the similar names, it looks like the sleepers are different from the slipons. Slipons have a soft, flat sole, while slipers have a sole made of hard materials. But the shape of the tongue in the sleepers and slipons is the same. Slip-on sneakers look better in a sporty style, and sleepers in a casual style.




10. Chelsea and Timberlands

Chelsea boots do not go out of fashion for several fashionable seasons, they have a concise design, on the sidewalls there is an inset of gum. The Timberlands (forester's shoes) were distinguished by their bright mustard color, but in recent seasons other colors have appeared, which does not make them less popular.





And what shoes do you think is the most comfortable?


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