Furniture for garden and summer house 2018 2018-05-31 11:19:32
Furniture for garden and summer house 2018

If you like to sit in the spring and summer months on the balcony, in the garden, in the country, then the beautiful and functional country furniture will only enhance the pleasure you receive. Summer swings, a hammock, summer tables are just a small part of the fact that your garden or balcony is modernized, and also allow you to spend your free time in nature better. has collected for you the main trends of 2018 in country furniture and furniture for balconies and accessories for decor.



Trends in garden furniture in 2018


Wooden loungers



This summer, you can see more modern and stylish wooden sun loungers, which will replace the white plastic brothers. We see an increasing influence of fashionable wooden and textured trends in country furniture. In addition, on wooden chaise lounges you can easily use comfortable pillows and bedding of the same size.



Summer chairs of different design



This summer, the summer houses will have more seats with different designs. Round, covered, in the shape of an ellipse and other types of garden chairs. You can buy them in the kit, as well as buy and use separately.


Model of loungers for two



It should be noted that in place of single-deck chairs will come chaise lounges for two or summer cots. They will attract the attention of both convenience lovers and those who want to provide their family with a joint holiday on the sun loungers.


Two-piece sun loungers



2018 can be called the year of full renovation of the design in the country furniture. Since this year the place of the usual chaise lounges will take on new forms of sun loungers. Sunbeds of two parts are one of the types of sun beds. This model will be preferred by those who like to rest, comfortably stretching their legs.


No way without of swing!



Speaking of dacha furniture, the first thing we think about is a swing. In 2018 the swings will occupy a worthy place among the dacha furniture. Among the many proposed models the most popular this year will be models made of wood.


Corner chalet chairs

In 2018, we will be able to see different models of summer cottages. In particular, corner models and kits will be in greatest demand. L-shaped chairs are an ideal choice for small gardens and balconies.


Chalet Chairs



Summer chairs with modern lines are an integral part of the country furniture. Especially popular among fans of vintage style are the acapulco chairs. Also favorites this year will be folding butterfly chairs.



Armchairs and tables on pallets

One of the popular trends in design in 2018 are chairs and tables made of pallets. With the help of your skillful hands, you will be able to assemble such chairs and desks on your own and decorate to your liking. Ethyl style will be an ideal choice for lovers of ethnic and other design.



Trends 2018 in accessories for gardens and balconies



Wicker coffee tables

Appearing in 2017, round woven coffee tables now become an attribute for the garden, balcony, terraces. You will be able to cover such a table with glass cut out to size, and use with wicker accessories.


Important attributes: Stands for flower pots



Usual flower stands, which we see in houses, balconies, terraces, in 2018, we can meet in the gardens. Stands for flowers from wood, iron, plastic and other materials will add mood to your space.


Flower pots

In large spaces, instead of flower stands, you can use pots or large pots. Planting plants in large and tall pots and pots you can turn any prostration into a botanical garden.


Garden fences

You are mistaken if you think that the garden fences are something from the past. In 2018, these fences are very fashionable. You can divide your garden into plots with the help of garden fences made of wood, metal or artificial flowers.


Garden lamps with solar batteries



Increasingly this year, you will be able to see in the gardens lighting devices that work on solar energy. Chargeable without assistance and working without power from the outside, these lamps can be used to illuminate large spaces.


Garden lights



As on high stands, so short lanterns this year are very popular accessories and will meet in this very often.


Shed / Gazebo


Sheds and gazebos are used to protect against sunlight and cloudy weather. In 2018 there will be garden canopies made of wood, canvas and fabric. These canopies and gazebos will be very convenient if you have kits for recreation at the cottage or sun loungers.


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