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Glass partition in the interior

Glass partition is the best way to zonate space, and also to make a small room visually larger, while the dark one is lighter.

Using a glass partition, you can divide or expand the space of your office, restaurant or cafe, as well as your apartment or house, or improve the efficiency and functionality of your area, while protecting against noise and increasing its efficiency. Internal glazing or glass partitions can be sliding or fixed.

For interior spaces the following types of glass partitions are offered:

Non-profile partitions of solid glass
Developed glass partitions with various accessories from stainless steel and aluminum
Glass partitions using different types of profiles
Glass partitions of single-layer, double-ply glass, double-glazed windows with shutters and without, etc.
The color of the glass, lamination, thickness and other parameters and specifications of your choice.


1. Isolate the bedroom in the studio

Designers have found a way to zonirovat small studio. Sliding partitions will separate the bedroom from the kitchen-living room, and at the same time leave enough air and space in the room.



2. Separate the dressing room in the bedroom

When designing a bedroom, you can allocate space for the dressing room and make its facades glass: it will be a good alternative to a textile partition and an open storage system.



3. Mark the kitchen area

Suppose you have a studio apartment and you like to cook. Therefore, it is very important to separate the kitchen from the living-dining room and ensure good ventilation. Architects propose to solve this problem using a glass partition with metal profiles and a powerful hood.



4. Add light to the hallway

So in this apartment, the designer demolished the blind partition between the living room and the hallway, and instead built a transparent, glass, in a black frame. The living room space visually increased, and the hallway was filled with light and visually it seems more spacious.



5. Get Rid of the Balcony Door

And in this project, the designer added a loggia to the living space and formalized the study. It was possible to separate it with the help of a sliding glass partition - it looks stylish and modern.




These are just some ideas that will help you navigate with the design of your premises, make your home or office more functional and cozy. A light glass partition in the interior will serve as an excellent addition, and can also become a subject for conversations with your guests. With various types of frameless glazing (cambalkon), facade glazing and interior glazing, as well as such important interior elements as windows and doors, interior doors and entry doors you can get acquainted in the shops of Baku, whose products are carefully selected and presented for your convenience in a 24-hour online shopping center


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