Green extremals: 10 «hard-to-die» plants for your home 2018-04-26 14:48:07
Green extremals: 10 «hard-to-die» plants for your home

We all want to have a small piece of nature both in our house and in the office. It's so nice to be surrounded by green spaces and admire their flowering in the premises. But to maintain health and prolong the life of our green companions is not for everyone, and not everyone has enough time for this.

Considering this, we have collected for you a short list of the most hardy indoor plants, which any of us can cope with. After all, you can always find time to pour a green friend or occasionally give him something to feed and pamper yourself with a shower.

Extremes from our list endure drought, shadow, dust and are able to settle down among the busiest owners, pleasing their unpretentious temper.


Lack of time, knowledge in the field of botany or natural laziness - this is not an excuse to refuse plants in the house or workplace. Some of them are gentle in nature and do not require attention to themselves. They are not afraid of shading, irregular watering, dry air, lack of fertilizing and annual transplants. Such "living" decor is a real find for the ever busy inhabitants of megacities. We offer a list of several very "viable" plants for the house.



After the hot and arid South American prairies, they already have nothing to fear. All succulents are distinguished by dense stems or leaves with special tissues that conserve moisture. The most famous representatives of this group are cacti.

Care for them will not be difficult. But it is important to use specially selected soil mixture for succulents. Those who do not like spines can prefer "fluffy", non-prickly cacti (Discocactus horstii, Aylostera, Mammillaria bocasana).



Saying its name is not easy, which can not be said about the peculiarities of caring for it. It is ideal for low-light rooms. Periodically forget about its watering, fertilizing and transplantation - more than permissible. Strangely enough, the plant will show its best in poor, unfertile soil with sand and good drainage. For zamiokulkas perfect fit a narrow, high pot, which does not take a lot of space in the house.



This motley perennial bush immediately attracts attention with its green narrow leaves with a white border. The plant is excellent for pots and tall designs. Chlorophytum will not be against any soil and any size of pot. He is not afraid of shading and coolness (up to +10 C). After a month without watering, he will drop a little, but will not wither.



This is the very money tree, which, according to popular beliefs, brings financial prosperity. Its name was given to the plant by dense, fleshy leaves that retain moisture. Dry air and a long absence of watering - it does not hurt. Equally well, the fat girl feels in the south and the north of the apartment. In addition to vitality, the plant is distinguished for its fertility: it is enough to stick its leaf in water or into the ground - and in a few days you will get a ready sapling.


Ficus (rubber plant)

His popularity is due not only to elegant, decorative leaves, but also a wonderful mild temper with a huge craving for life. To ruin it by the lack of care is not easy. Ficus easily tolerates rare watering, dry air and partial shade. For small rooms, you can choose varieties with small, but no less spectacular leaves. Too overgrown specimens will react calmly to pruning and will be a wonderful component of bonsai.



It will grow even for the most inexperienced beginners. Her motley pointed leaves remind someone of the mother-in-law's language, and someone-the serpent's tail. But it is decorative and appropriate to the plant in any interior. It is practically indifferent to heat and cold, light and shadow, moisture and drought. In the winter months, it can even do without watering. Sansevieria is one of not many indoor plants that will survive in a draft in the corridors and near the entrance doors.


Pachira aquatica

It can be recognized immediately from the trunk in the form of an effective pigtail. In the people pachira is called a "bottle tree" and believes in its ability to bring good luck and prosperity. If she were a singer, then her rider would be empty. The plant can be safely planted in a shaded corner of the room, deprived of watering and spraying (up to 7-10 days). On the contrary - a lot of light and abundant moisture will only ruin it.


Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)

People believe that together with this plant, "women's happiness" can settle in the house. His quaint white flowers, similar to mini-callas, are ready to please owners all year round. Spathiphyllum tolerates a lack of moisture: in a week or two without water, flowers can fall, but immediately after watering will come to life. From fertilizers the plant will not refuse, but without them will not be lost. It is important to protect it from drafts and cold.

Nolina (Beaucarnea)

Having got it at home, you can safely go on a trip for one or two weeks - it will not be offended or dying. In her native desert she was accustomed to live without whims. Its original bottle-shaped trunk will add zest to any interior. To thicken the trunk, Valium is rarely watered, but abundant, without stagnation in the pot. The soil needs it to be loose and malnourished.


Scindapsus aureus

It will be appreciated by lovers of climbing plants and vertical landscaping. The shoots of the scindapsus with heart-shaped, juicy-green leaves in yellow-and-white specks will transform any, even the most shaded corner of the room. The plant can do without the sun at all, being content with artificial lighting. It will perfectly take root in the kitchen or in the bathtub, without fear of changes in temperature and moisture. With him, the air in the room will become much cleaner.


So, today we have learned which plants can be neighbors even among the busiest people. We hope that this information is useful for you, and you will be able to get yourself a green friend who will pay back for you with the most minimal care about you with his magnificent flowering or just turn out to be the piece of nature that we all so lack in the rapid rhythm of modern urban life .

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