Handmade - what is it and can I make money on it

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Handmade - what is it and can I make money on it

Handmade items enjoy increasing popularity, and handmade is less perceived as a hobby of bored housewives. Nowadays handicraft is an independent direction of freelancing, which can bring a good income. Shop.az has prepared this article for you.

People have done something since ancient times. At first it was a necessity, because it was necessary to put something on, from something to eat. Subsequently, crafts have become a way to feed themselves and their families.

One of the directions of craftsmanship is folk art crafts, where things made by skilled craftsmen are not so much practical as an aesthetic and cultural value. From the people's applied art and the beginning, called handmade, takes place.

Handmeid - these are handmade things, and also the process of creating them.

In our culture, handicrafts were known as purely feminine, designed to pass the evenings after work. Seriously, the fascination with macrame or beads was not perceived. In Azerbaijan, women are always pleased to sew, knit and embroider, weave carpets and embroider beads, creating elegant, festive and casual clothes and decorating their homes. A lot of masters of men also passed skills and knowledge from father to son, creating jewelry, weapons, household utensils and furniture.



Unlike Western culture, where handmade things are valued a priori, and the people who create them are considered creators.

It was from the West that the fashion for handmade came in the 21st century. In the industrial twentieth century, the demand for handicrafts was almost nonexistent. But now, tired of the same type of industrial items, people are increasingly buying things handmade.

Like any activity, the handmade has its positive and negative sides.

The main disadvantage is quite expensive consumables and tools. At first, a handmade requires considerable investments, and it is sometimes difficult for people to explain why some "knickknack of two ribbons" is so expensive.



However, the advantages of handmade still more, besides, they are much more weighty.

  • Handmade promotes the realization of the creative beginning of personality. Such work is unlikely to ever get bored and turn into a routine.
  • Decorative and applied art promotes the development of thinking and fine motor skills. Manual labor educates in a person patience and accuracy.
  • Handmade masters, as a rule, freelancers, therefore, can work from anywhere in the world in a convenient mode for themselves.
  • Handmade assumes continuous self-improvement. Customers need to be surprised by new ideas.
  • Constant communication with clients and colleagues promotes the development of communication skills, and feedback on work allows you to objectively assess yourself and give confidence in your own abilities.

But, perhaps, the main advantage of handmade is that it brings a good income. The main thing is to earn a portfolio and get the first orders.

A key role in popularizing the handmade was played by the Internet. If earlier needlewomen had to buy thematic magazines and share home-made patterns, now everything is on the web.

So, inspiring ideas can be found on the site Pinterest. It is worth entering into the search line keywords, as before you will appear a huge number of boards with different master classes.

In social networks, a lot of communities both in handmade in general, and in its separate areas (patchwork, decoupage, beadwork and others).



For beginners and not only great help is YouTube: on channels like Etsy, Craftsy, Creativebug, СreativeClub and personal channels of artists you can personally see how this or that product is made, and get a lot of valuable advice from practitioners.

Large English-language DIY-sites:



As for Russian-language resources, a huge number of useful links are collected here. But, perhaps, the most popular sites are about needlework.


The main question, tormenting needlewomen who have already filled their hands and are ready to realize their work, is: "Where to start?".

If you seriously decided to make a handmade, we recommend that you create a business plan and register at specialized trading floors.



The most famous of them is Etsy. This is an e-commerce platform for creative people, created in 2005 by photographer and artist Rob Kalin. At the moment, Etsy has more than 800 online stores with more than 15 million products.

According to experts, Etsy is almost the best platform for handmade masters. Also, their products can be exhibited at DaWanda, ArtFire, Zibbet, iCraft.

The French sculptor Auguste Rodin believed that the world will be happy only when each person has the soul of the artist. In other words, when everyone finds joy in their work.

Things handmade enjoy increasing popularity, and handmade is less perceived as a hobby of bored housewives. If you perfectly knit or draw, embroider with beads or create jewelry according to individual design and dream of turning your passion into a profession, this section of the online shopping center Shop.az is for you.

Thanks to the Internet, needlewomen are no longer bored housewives, but turn into real business ladies who are well versed in sales and marketing.

Shop.az helps masters and needlewomen to present their works and become closer to customers, and the buyers give the opportunity to see the works of many masters in one place. Not only to see, but also to get acquainted with the master and even make an individual order.


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