Have you already managed to use free shipping from shop.az?

Shop.az 2019-04-17 16:17:33
Have you already managed to use free shipping from shop.az?

So what is Shop.az? Today, many of our readers have already tried at least once to use the services of our online shopping center Shop.az, or have become our loyal user by ordering various goods from stores that place their goods on Shop.az and indulge in new products.


Nothing stands still. Everything in the modern world, real and virtual, is changing in order to make people's lives more comfortable. So our site continues its development.
A wider range of products offered on our site, more and more categories of products that you can find, select and order through Shop.az.

We will all be glad to have a resource where we can buy goods, being in the comfort of our home or office, and get it at our door.

So our current campaign “KLİKLƏ, GƏLSİN” is aimed at further improving the buying process.

For the period of the campaign “KLİKLƏ, GƏLSİN”, any resident of our country can go to the site, choose a smartphone or laptop, home appliances, any electronics and computer equipment, clothes and shoes for women, men and children, children's products, everything for your beauty and health, including equipment and products for beauty salons and aesthetic centers, medical goods, automotive products, sports goods and much more and make your order, and we will provide free delivery of the goods ordered by you not only in Baku, but also to any region of Azerbaijan.

You can pay for the goods at your door upon receipt of the goods or using the online payment option.

What else do you need for convenient and profitable shopping? Without leaving your home, not wasting time on the road and waiting in traffic jams, comparing prices and offers of various stores, you will become happy recipients of your order and the owner of the thing you need.

Hurry up! The promotion will not last forever! Therefore, put off all non-urgent, and maybe urgent things, go to Shop.az and enjoy the shopping process!


Earlier in our blog, we have repeatedly addressed this issue. Here is a brief overview of our online shopping center and its benefits for stores and shoppers.

The population of Azerbaijan, in particular the residents of Baku, often face a problem when buying goods on the Internet. Here is the usual behavior of a more advanced buyer. A person usually drives in his request for a product in a search engine and receives as a result of issuing links to the sites of those who have spent on advertising and promotion. But this does not mean that you get the most advantageous offer. Similarly, in this case it is impossible to make a complete picture of most of the offers on the market.
A lot of shops in Azerbaijan offer the services of their sites. A number of them even integrated the ability to make payment for purchased goods online. But the majority of the majority still practice using the “Buy Now” button only to receive a request. This is followed by a callback to the buyer and the process of buying and selling follows the old pattern.
But, as we noted above, not all the shops could even get online. Many of them do not have additional resources to run the necessary procedures and maintain sales on-line. On-line Shopping Center SHOP.AZ is called to solve their problem and create maximum convenience for buyers. This platform provides the buyer with the opportunity to see the goods from the stores in one place, and the stores not only to place and maintain their website inside SHOP.AZ, but also to promote it.
Of course, a significant role in the whole process is played by both the general optimization of the entire site, and the optimization of products, as well as the creation of healthy competition at the SHOP.AZ site. And today, many stores look at the new platform also as a marketing tool that allows them to keep abreast of competitors' prices, conduct various promotions and campaigns, and also take certain marketing steps to increase competitiveness.
Buyers can find a lot of advice on SHOP.AZ about what to look for when buying a product, get information about updates not only in the field of modern technologies, but also for certain groups of goods, including products for the home and garden, for children, etc. The new platform allows buyers to make a choice and order goods without leaving home, in the workplace and even on a trip to transport. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the full range of products not only from familiar stores that pursue an aggressive advertising policy, but also from the products of those stores that have not yet been presented.
Maximum completeness of objective information is the goal of SHOP.AZ!