Hobs and cookers

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Hobs and cookers


Separate gas stoves are used today less and less often. The most popular are individual hobs, although there are also built-in hobs with an oven.



So, today we will discuss the question of what to look for when choosing a hob?

Today, in stores not only in Baku, but also in the regions of Azerbaijan, hobs are offered for sale that can easily be built into any size kitchen furniture and therefore enjoy the greatest popularity.


In addition to design, pay attention to the functionality:

  • When choosing a hob, consider our realities. If you live in the regions of Baku or Azerbaijan where gas is often shut off or there are interruptions with electricity, it is better to take a combined plate with gas and electric burners at the same time.


  • The number and distance between the burners is very important. If you often have guests or a large family, you use a lot of pots and pans of large diameter and at least use our traditional bowl pans, pay attention to the distance between the burners, since when the burners are close, you can not use them. The large saucepan closes its space with the dimensions of the plate, and you can use the next burners at best only for pots and pans of small diameter.


Examples of multi-burner and dual-burner hobs

  • It is worth looking at the location and material of the handles of the switches. Here you need to see how close they are to the burner and how much they are heat resistant. With intensive use of the cooktop, the switches primarily suffer.

  • Pay attention to the edges of the hob. For example, from two plates in a photo, you should choose the one on the right, if you often forget food on the stove. Escaped milk or a spilled dish, not so quickly flow through to the furniture countertops.

The most elevated edges are usually on plates with a metal surface.



So, let's talk about the commercially available surfaces for hobs and plates.


What are cooking surfaces made of?

Enamel, glass ceramics and stainless steel.

Traditional enameled surfaces have passed the test of time and have some advantages: low price, durability, different color options. However, the enamel has its own shortcomings: difficulties with care, the formation of scratches with time, the instability of the enamel to the chips.



Stainless steel cooking surfaces are represented by matt and polished models. Their advantages: stylish appearance, strength and durability, easy to clean. However, there are some difficulties in caring. On the working surfaces of stainless steel there are often spots, and in order to make the stainless steel shine, you need to work hard. In addition, care for stainless steel requires the use of special detergents.



If more recently, glass ceramics has been used in the production of electrical panels, it has recently become increasingly common in gas and is called "gas on glass." Gas-glass ceramic surfaces are produced by the largest manufacturers of household appliances. Work surfaces with burners are covered with heat-resistant glass or glass-ceramic. Advantages: spectacular view, for a long time retain their original "beauty". In the production of such surfaces only high-strength material is used - resistant to high temperature and mechanical influences.



However, the surface must be cleaned immediately after cooking, as foods containing sugar can damage it.

Among manufacturers of glass-ceramic panels it is necessary to mention such firms as Bosch, Siemens, Zanussi, Electrolux, Gorenje, Fagor and others.



Dimensions of the hobs

Virtually all manufacturers offer basic models of electrical working surfaces with a standard width of 60 cm.

However, on our site you can find also wider models, the width of which is 80 cm or 90 cm.

There are models and wider; so the Miele hob with a width of 916 mm has a burner, located in one line across the entire width of the panel.

The depth at which the hob is built into the countertop can vary between 30-70 mm, everything depends on the particular brand and model of the device.


Features of gas burners

Today there are cooking hobs with a very powerful burner. This burner has several rows of flames and is designed for ultra-fast heating and cooking. Due to the multi-level design of the burner, several (two, three or four) flame rings are formed. With the help of multi-circuit burners, you can quickly roast meat, fry or cook food.


Inductive burners have principal differences. While in conventional hotplates and Hi-Light hobs, the heating element first warms up, then the heating zone of the hob, and after that - the bottom of the pan, in the induction hotplates the bottom of the cooker immediately heats up without heating the hob. This is due to a special induction unit located under the glass-ceramic panel, which generates electromagnetic radiation penetrating into the bottom of the pan and heating it. At the same time, heat transfer is not carried out. The only condition for the functioning of the induction principle is the presence of ferromagnetic properties in the dishes. Suitable pans with a ferromagnetic bottom of stainless steel and aluminum, as well as cast-iron dishes; It is impossible to cook in copper pots and cookware made from heat-resistant glass.



The size and shape of the heating zones of glass ceramic hobs can also be very diverse. To date, there are plates with oval, round heating zones having an expansion zone. The operating principle of electric glass-ceramic panels requires the size of the burner to match the bottom of the dishes. Therefore, there are burners, the working area of which has a variable diameter. This allows you to use dishes of different sizes for cooking.


Additional feature set

In addition to the minimum set of functions, there may be additional functionality.

  • The protective shutdown option is designed to automatically turn off the work surface if the temperature has risen to a certain maximum. The overheat protection function also turns off the burners if they have not been used for a long time.
  • Overfill protection is designed to turn off the hob when a liquid poured from the pan comes into contact with the surface of the panel.
  • Induction hobs are often equipped with the option of identifying the material and the size of the dishes. This function turns on the cooking zone only when the pan is strictly within the heating zone. The system determines the size and filling of dishes.
  • The unique function of writing to the memory program the cooking time on different burners, controlling it. For each of the burners, you can record an already prepared program with different power and heating time.
  • Some Siemens hobs have removable magnetic handles that can be removed when the cooker is switched off. The function protects against accidental turning on and off.


In some models, the following options are present: defrosting, rapid warming up, keeping cooked food warm.


In this article, we have tried to tell you about such an important subject of household appliances, like a hobs and ovens. The technology continues to evolve, and one can only imagine what else will be offered by the leading manufacturers of household appliances. To get acquainted with specific models of refrigerators and other large and small household appliances sold in Baku, their characteristics and prices, as well as with hundreds of other products offered for sale in Baku, visit the site Shop.az. for your convenience.


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