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How does a man create his own style or 10 steps to his own image

More and more often men, and not teenagers, namely adults and held, ask questions, how to create, how to develop their own style in fashion? You also do not know where to start? First of all, get rid of stereotypes.

Your daily wardrobe should be viewed not as a routine and on the principle that you need something to wear, but to approach it every day creatively, at least with a small share of imagination.

Perhaps you used to say or think that you should not judge a person by his "cover", that is, by how he looks and what is dressed? This is complete nonsense, because exactly, each of us does. It is by the way we are dressed that our friends, colleagues, friends, bosses judge us.

A good image is a good mood and trust of others in many life situations. It's only when you get rid of these stereotypes that you can begin to follow my recommendations for creating your own style and image.

Here are ten important points that will help you approach the next level of style in men's clothing and men's shoes and confirm your final decision to abandon the washed and stretched, almost new T-shirts or shirts bought back in the 90s ... and so on.



Define your style

Do not think that the only legitimate way to build an image is precisely a classic men's suit, because it's not. Some do not have it in their wardrobes for a long time, although there are those for whom this is a necessity for every day, which helps to determine more easily the style based on the classical.

The most important is that the clothes are adapted to your lifestyle.

By way of life it is possible to understand both the nature of work and the way to spend your free time. Styles can be divided into three groups:

  1. every day (casual),
  2. semi-official and
  3. official or elegant.

Try to determine which of them will suit your lifestyle. A good style can be built both on the basis of classical costume, and casual, free and democratic.



If you have already decided which of the directions in the men's fashion is closer to you, look for designers, watch fashion shows, magazines and just a photo of models that will help you, eventually reach it. Believe that only one picture can say more than a thousand words, the most fashionable critics and stylists. It works great in the fashion world.


Inspiring images can be found in many places: on blogs and websites, in magazines, catalogs and lookbookach brands, profiles on Facebook and on Internet forums.
It is assumed that each of you will have a special folder in which you will save, those photos that you consider worthy of imitation. After all, there is nothing wrong with copying. The main thing is that they are good examples.


Get a basic knowledge of fashion

Not having basic knowledge in any field, as a rule, a person starts to work by trial and error, and the latter in the case of fashion can be quite expensive. You should know that shoes and jackets are timeless and almost independent of the trends of newfangled trends or why a sweater with acrylic is a bad choice and how to buy your first suit. And this is not just a question. The best source of information, of course, is the Internet and books.



Do the cleaning in your closet

Open the closet and see how many clothes you do not wear for months. Since these things are not used, this means that you do not need them, so say goodbye to them without any regret. It is a pity to use the cabinet space for such "samples". Leave only those things that are of good quality, are in good condition and can be still useful to you when composing your new image, on which you can build the base of your chosen style. After careful selection, less than half the contents of the cabinet should remain. Unnecessary give to someone, give it away or take it to charitable organizations, those who need help.


Learn how to choose the right size

The overwhelming majority of men in Russia prefer to wear clothes that are too large, and for one two sizes, it is completely unclear why, apparently they are buying "for growth" or "God forbid, I will suddenly get well" for several kg, which can be considered one of the greatest sins in attitude to his wardrobe of our compatriots. Their convenience, for them is more desirable than to look good in their eyes and the eyes of others. Unfortunately, this badly affects the perception of the whole male figure as a whole - adds kilograms and years, and the man looks sloppy and somehow dirty. Do not be afraid, buy things perfectly in their size and texture. The image above shows that a man who does not have a perfect figure, but with a correctly chosen size class, looks much slimmer and younger.




Size clothes to fit

If you have already cleaned your own and got rid of unnecessary things, then probably after viewing left you came to the conclusion that it is not ideal either. Too big shirt, long pants, baggy jacket. In some cases, I advise you to contact the tailor to save some of the things. The best example here is to adjust the length of the pants, which will accordingly improve the overall appearance, the more long pants are the most common mistake of many guys. And a summary of all this: clothing processing is primarily a low cost with good effect.


Do not be afraid of bright colors

Very many guys dress so that it does not stand out from the general gray mass. They are afraid of color and prefer to wear what most, or gray, or brown, or black. This may be due to the lack of ability to combine colors, but I think the reason is primarily in the psychological barrier. More bold colors are usually seen as weak, that is, if you are in black, then you are brave, but this, gentlemen, is complete nonsense! Saturated colors bring dynamism, rejuvenate and add stylishness. Sometimes just something, a small but very bright accent is needed. whether it's a tie, a sweater or a shawl in the pocket of your jacket ... Remember, a man who wants to make friends with the style should make friends with the color, with all its varied palette.




Give up T-shirts and jeans. Alternative - shirts and Polo shirts

Just a few years ago, shirts were an important element of men's clothing, but for several years they unfortunately lost their value in the everyday style, shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters came to them on the shin. This is a pity, because the guy in the shirt looks cool and elegant. Even if you prefer casual and casual style, then try chinos to wear a shirt of thin denim or cotton like Alex Smurfite. Fill it in pants, roll up your sleeves to the elbow and you will look much better than in an elongated T-shirt.

As for jeans, then there is nothing wrong with them, provided that they are correctly chosen in terms of models, size and color. From my observations is that for many men this is not so simple. Although the alternative to jeans is the chinos, which are more elegant and even comfortable.

Leather jackets. Neither should be made of soft fabric, without any stiffening elements, should be comfortable, lightweight, like cardigans.


Investing in a good pair of shoes

The domestic shoe market does not give us the opportunity to buy good, quality and almost eternal footwear. On the shelves are dominated by nightmarish models and buy a truly fashionable and beautiful shoes we have a problem. No wonder they say that shoes are the pride of a man. Buy expensive, model, comfortable and necessarily high-quality from natural materials footwear. You can not think that I'll leave money for good clothes, and buy shoes cheaper. Remember - good shoes are out of time.


Create your own clothing database

If you are starting to rebuild your wardrobe, you may want to put on clothes, it is not important classical or any other, the main thing is that it in its category was stylish. We should focus on how simple and neutral the guys are in the model, and therefore, from which it is easy to assemble the ensembles from different styles, colors and patterns, in combination with other items and accessories. These things can be at any time elongated from the cabinet and without hesitation, but are properly connected with each piece of clothing.




Such a database should be 60-70% of clothing and can be considered as a kind of investment, you should therefore look for clothes and accessories of good quality that will serve us a couple, three years, regardless of the changing trends of fashion trends. The rest of the cabinet each season can be replaced, well, or two, depending on changing trends and personal preferences.

Every man should have in the closet 16 things that a stylish man should have in his wardrobe for all seasons, 10 out of time, for example, jackets and coats, a classic suit, jeans or chinos, scarves, ties and so on ...


Everyone can dress stylishly and modern. The main thing - a little attention, patience and, of course, do not forget to follow the fashion trends!


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