How to choose a coffee maker or coffee machine for home and office? 2017-10-04 13:11:13
How to choose a coffee maker or coffee machine for home and office?


If you decided to buy a device for making good quality coffee in the shops of Baku or in any other city of Azerbaijan, then you need to know the following.


All such devices for making coffee are divided into two large classes: coffee makers and coffee machines.


The main difference between a coffee machine and a coffee maker is the minimal human participation in the preparation of a favorite drink, even if the drink is made from whole grains of coffee.


In general, coffee machines are called devices, where coffee is made from whole coffee beans. And in capsule coffee machines / coffee makers it is used ground coffee, which was pre-packed at the factory in special containers.


If you want to be able to make coffee precisely from beans (and it is known that in 15 minutes after grinding coffee loses a significant part of its flavor), while the fastest and easiest, the choice is obvious - whole bean coffee machine.


The main distinguishing feature of bean coffee machines is the built-in coffee grinder. Some models are equipped with a cappuccino maker - a special device for professional foaming milk into air foam for the preparation of cappuccino, latte and other coffee drinks. The principle of the grain coffee machine consists of three main stages: grinding the grains; packing ground coffee in the filter holder; brewing by means of steam. Waste automatically enters the waste container. Automatic bean coffee machines have quite high performance, so they are ideal for small offices and families where several family members drink coffee. As for the price of bean coffee machines, on average it varies from 800 to 8,000+ Manats, depending on the model's functional and manufacturer's.

The main disadvantage of a coffee machine is its maintenance. Coffee machines require care: in addition to the necessary daily cleaning of the remnants of milk and coffee, it is required to perform weekly cleaning of the funnel and perform a general washing with warm water. In addition, for the serviceable and long service life of the machine, it is necessary to perform monthly cleaning from build-up and periodically lubricate every few months, depending on the intensity of use.

Coffee makers are more convenient to use, they are also called capsule coffee machines.

They are becoming more popular due to simple maintenance. They practically do not require care, they are compact and, most importantly, they make it possible to easily produce high quality coffee with a rich taste and aroma. The principle of the capsule coffee machine is simple. Inside the special capsule is pre-roasted and ground coffee, pressed into a briquette, which is placed in a completely sealed packaging. The aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee lasts up to 1-2 years. One capsule is used to make one serving of coffee. In a wide range of capsules of modern manufacturers, you can choose a recipe for your taste. In addition, the strength of the beverage can be controlled by adding the correct amount of water. As soon as the capsule enters the espresso machine, its lid is pierced with a needle and a jet of air is injected inside, loosening strongly pressed coffee. After that, through the opened capsule under pressure, the water heated to a certain temperature is passed through, and the coffee is ready! In addition to classic espresso and americano, capsule machines also allow you to prepare lighter drinks: cappuccino, latte, mocha, which are prepared with capsules with cream, as well as hot chocolate, cocoa and others. Perhaps, the main rule when choosing - to buy coffee machines and capsules for them in a proven specialized stores. Depending on the manufacturer, capacity and a set of additional functions, prices for capsule coffee machines range from 300 to 800+ Manats.


There are also drip coffee makers, they are also filtering. They are a choice for "budget-shopper". The prices vary from 60 to 200 Manats. But, if a coffee grinder is built in the drip coffee maker, as in the case of the model, then the price can reach several hundred Manats.

Advantages: the type of large quantities available after the preparation of the drink (up to 1-2 liters). This is the most correct way to prepare a real "Americano". It is in USA that drip coffee makers are spread a lot. However, it should be noted that "Americano" is much inferior to the espresso and other types of coffee with a more intense taste. And there are also "robots" that connect directly to the water supply, provide water purification and are ready to give out hundreds of cups a day. But we are already talking about industrial or professional coffee machines for cafes, restaurants and hotels.


Coffee maker with a capuchinizer


Simple coffee maker


Here are the main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a coffee machine:

Power. The higher the power, the faster to prepare coffee. But, accordingly, the price will be higher.

Noise. Modern coffee machines are almost noiseless. However, when choosing a model, it is better to clarify this parameter.

Additional functions. If you choose a bean coffee machine, it is important to consider whether it has cappuccino and an automatic descaling system.

As for capsule machines, it is better to buy a capsule-type coffee machine with the functions of automatic switching off and controlling the amount of brewed coffee. Also, pay attention to the cost of capsules. you, most likely, will be forced to buy capsules of this particular manufacturer.

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