How to choose an interior design? 2018-05-04 13:57:18
How to choose an interior design?


Interior decoration of a dwelling is a problem, not only amateur designers, but also professionals who find themselves in difficult conditions, are struggling to solve it. Below are a few simple tips to get out of the quandary.

In some situations, significant difficulties arise in the repair and arrangement of new or old housing. This is due to the lack of a common idea and the ability to competently select furniture and accessories that are most suitable for a particular room. To solve this problem, you can use a special technique designed to assist people in decorating the interior and bringing to the common denominator the conflicting wishes of family members.

The first thing you need to buy a few design magazines or visit sites and choose the fancy interior details, pieces of furniture and other design elements that immediately attracted your attention. After collecting a sufficient amount of material, it is necessary to arrange the cuttings from the magazines on the table and try to collect them into a single whole. Photographs can be divided into thematic categories or combined into a common collage. Next, you need to paste the done photo collage onto a piece of cardboard or to pin its parts to the wall so that it always remains in sight.

The preliminary draft allows you to determine how harmoniously the accents chosen before it became clear whether they fit the rest of the situation. With its help, you can correctly choose the color gamut, as it provides the ability to visually establish the compatibility of different tones. The main principle, to which the above recommendations are reduced, is that when repairing your housing, you first need to collect and connect your ideas in a tangible form. This will quickly make a clear idea of what kind of home decor you need.

After repair the most difficult to choose furniture for your interior.


How to choose the right furniture for your home

How to choose the right furniture for your home? Furniture in the house is an important part of a person's life. She will be able to give joy, comfort, excellent mood and peace. Correctly selected furniture in the interior will help to remove fatigue, stress and create harmony.

Before proceeding to the selection of the situation, one should decide on the color scheme in which the interior design will be created. This is of no small importance, since each shade affects the mental state of a person and his mood in different ways. And the same color can have different effects on people, depending on their age and temperament. Sometimes furniture firms consult with psychologists in order to correctly choose the colors for decorating the room, depending on its purpose and household members.

If the room is small in size, modular furniture is best suited to it. You can buy several pieces of furniture and then rearrange them as a designer, which will allow you to refresh the interior at will. This is the ideal solution when combining rooms.

Furniture is best selected according to the dimensions of the room. If the room is small, it is best to purchase items with built-in containers. This will save space while preserving the functionality of the furniture.

Experts recommend buying furniture in pairs, which will ensure symmetry in the situation. If the color scheme is common for the whole house, the furniture can be moved around the apartment to your liking and refresh the interior. Carpets should not be discounted, which can bring a certain zest to the interior.



A room in which it is always pleasant to relax from work and daily vanity is the bedroom. In this room, do not use bright, exciting colors. According to psychologists, it is also not worth littering with extraneous objects that will interfere with a full rest.

The central place in the bedroom is a bed. To have a good rest and not feel tired to choose this piece of furniture, you should take it with all responsibility. The main thing is the skeleton of the bed, which should be strong and not creak. The bed should be large, comfortable, with a good mattress.

Dressing table with padded stool also can complement the interior. A small, soft mat at the foot of the bed will add more warmth and comfort to the bedroom.







Living room

When decorating a living room, you can apply fantasy. In this room, the whole family gathers together, guests and friends come. Therefore, it should always maintain a positive mood, which can be achieved by the correct color scheme.

Furniture should be functional enough and suitable for one particular person, and other guests at home. The design of the living room leaves an impression of the owner's personality, so you should carefully approach the design.








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