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How to choose jewelry?

Any woman dreams to be unique, original, bright and to make an impression on others.

It's no secret that all women love jewelry, especially those that are measured in carats. Gold, platinum, precious stones - such jewelry, of course, will rivet the views of others. However, many are mistaken when they think that wearing bijouterie instead of jewelry is a mauve ton.

The adherents of jewelry know that many objects of costume jewelery can cost more than some items made of precious metals. Celebrities, first ladies, models and other celebrities stop their choice on costume jewelry.

As you know, correctly selected jewelry can transform any woman, making her image complete and complete. Choosing jewelry, you need to remember that it must be properly worn. Unsuccessfully chosen jewelry can spoil your style, making it disharmony. Below we will talk about how to choose the right bijouterie, how and with what to wear it, how to properly care for it.



So, the first thing we start with is the country of origin. Ornaments, of course, can be made in any country in the world. Below are listed the leading countries for the production of quality and stylish jewelry.

1. İtaly

Who, if not sultry Italians, true connoisseurs of female beauty and fashion could come up with the best decorations? Italian jewelry is the best gift for a stylish lady. The famous Venetian Murano glass is produced on the island of Murano in Venice. This glass is made by unique technology by hand. Products made of Murano glass are unusually beautiful and elegant. Today Italian jewelry is sold in stores of precious metal products and can be in the same price category with products made of gold.


2. Czech Republic

Czech jewelry also takes a leading position. The Czech Republic is famous for its grenade, which you can admire in Turnov, Prague and Krumlov. Here you will find truly gifted craftsmen who make exquisite jewelry with this stone. Czech jewelry has a hypoallergenic "tombak" alloy, which excludes an allergic reaction to the metal. As a Czech jewelry, you can rest assured - decorations will last you for many years, and with proper care will always delight your eyes.


3. France

The French are known for their love for everything beautiful and refined. At the time, Coco Chanel herself paid tribute to jewelry made from artificial pearls, believing that the product did not necessarily have to be very expensive to emphasize female beauty. Today, France boasts a large number of famous companies that create real masterpieces of costume jewelry.


4. Belgium

Belgian masters are truly authors of unique ornaments of their kind. Belgian jewelry is known all over the world, and true fashionistas follow the novelties created by Belgian masters. Belgian jewelry is of high quality and exquisite design. Decoration from the collection of Belgian masters will be a successful addition to any evening dress.


Bijouterie for any occasion

A very important point in choosing jewelry is the purpose of their purchase. If you make a planned purchase of jewelry, you need to decide for which case you need it. Business meeting, party or wedding celebration - for each event you need to select the appropriate decorations, ideally complementing your image.

Choosing the costume for everyday wear to work, pay attention to the discreet elegant ornaments. A minimum of shiny stones and rhinestones, concise and elegant design, restrained color scheme - decoration should gently complement your business style in clothes. By the way, if after a work day you go to a meeting with friends - dilute your image with a bright brooch, for example, and your business outfit will be appropriate at any party!


Do you have a friendly party with your friends? Or are you going to a club party? The maximum of bright costume jewelery, stones and rhinestones! Unusual design and original form of products will be quite appropriate, and you definitely will not remain invisible! Just remember that everything should be in moderation - the image of "a la New Year's tree" is now out of fashion.



Cultural event
If you go to the theater, restaurant or anniversary, your jewelry should be exquisitely expensive and restrained. A neat string of pearls, elegant necklaces or exquisite laconically shaped earrings will be a perfect addition to your evening image. Restrained chic, moderate luxury, refinement and sophistication of taste - the surrounding will surely mark your choice.



If you gather under the crown and carefully think over your wedding attire, pay proper attention to the wedding jewelry. Necklace, earrings, bracelet and diadem - you can choose several or one product. Today, a very popular wedding costume jewelry is very popular, which does not "make the image of the bride heavier" and does not distract guests from the main character of the holiday. Delicate, romantic, neat decorations will emphasize the natural beauty of the bride and give her a special charm.


If you eat on vacation to the sea or on nature, give preference to bright costume jewelry made of natural materials with natural stones. Bright saturated colors will make your image original and cheer up. Avoid jewelry that you usually wear at work or in a restaurant. On vacation they will be out of place.




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