How to deal with dust: 11 useful tips 2018-07-27 16:39:12
How to deal with dust: 11 useful tips

When was the last time you did the spring cleaning? To combat the dust was the most successful, we have prepared several important tips - take it into service.


Make the interior minimalistic

The lack of decor and extra furniture, even monolithic surfaces and practical materials will help reduce the amount of dust in your home.



Clean regularly

Cleanliness is the guarantee of health. A thorough cleaning is the most effective way to combat dust and other contaminants.

Just do not complicate your life and choose cumbersome and uncomfortable vacuum cleaners. Most modern vacuum cleaners are easy to operate and do not scratch the floor and furniture thanks to a rubberized bumper and wheels.




Discard the dust collection items

Perhaps, huge soft toys, decorative pillows and carpets with high nap create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. But if they do not undergo regular professional cleaning, accessories should be discarded.


Carefully choose finishing materials and textiles

When choosing finishes, textiles and furniture, give preference to practical materials. When it comes to dust removal, the parquet board wins at the carpet, and the leather upholstery of the sofa - in the fabric. Smooth surfaces are easier to clean than embossed or fleecy.




Use the rug in the hallway

This is not only a decorative, but also a functional element - an effective barrier that will partially prevent the entry of street dust brought on the shoes.




Clean the pillows

To effectively combat the dust of regular washing of pillow cases and covers is not enough. Filling the pillows also requires mandatory cleaning or replacement every six months.




Take care of mattresses with a modern filler

Cleaning or replacing the mattress is a troublesome business. To avoid the accumulation of dust in it, choose products filled with natural latex or polyester fiber.

Modern manufacturers offer a set of replaceable covers - they will come to the rescue when the main cover is time to be carried to the dry cleaning.


Change bed linen regularly

Change bed linen at least once a week. To ensure that frequent washing does not lead to premature wear of the fabric, choose a delicate wash program.


Close the doors of cabinets and pedestals

Avoid getting dust in hard-to-reach places is easier than organizing high-quality cleaning in them. Therefore, take the rule of closing the doors of cabinets and bedside tables - so you will get rid of dust on clothes, tableware and accessories.




Moisturize the air

Low air humidity promotes the movement of dust through the rooms, and the high creates an optimal environment for the reproduction of dust mites. Humidifiers of air will help to maintain the necessary balance - they will support the microclimate in your apartment and reduce the amount of dust.




Use an air purifier

Another useful invention is the air purifier. Getting into it, air through the fan passes through several types of filters and is cleaned of the dust and impurities contained in it.



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