How to get rid of negative energy at home: 9 useful tips 2018-08-20 15:23:45
How to get rid of negative energy at home: 9 useful tips

Fresh air, yellow color, round mirrors - we tell how in simple ways to create a happy interior, which will be cozy for you and guests



Why is this happening: yesterday you were happy to return home after a hard day, and now the walls seem to be pressing on you? The cause may be too dark a situation, and musty air, and even such a simple trifle as a book lying out of place. In any case, the problem can be solved, and we know 9 simple ways. Take a note.


1. Let the fresh air in

Open all the windows in the house and arrange intensive ventilation, even if it's cold outside. In the process, you can shake out pillows and blankets. Fresh air gives a feeling of cleanliness, with it it is easy to breathe and it is well covered.



2. Light incense

Fragrant candles and other burning incense envelop the space with a soothing haze and make it a little warmer and more comfortable. A favorite smell will remove the feeling of fatigue and irritation and create an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility.



3. Get rid of broken things

A chair without a leg, maybe, will last a month or two, if you sit on it very carefully. But any expert in feng shui will confirm: broken things carry negative energy into the house and create a depressing atmosphere.



4. Spray the house with orange oil

If the orange smell is associated with sunlight and smiles, then you are not alone. Add a couple drops of orange oil into the water or use an organic essential oil spray. A light orange flavor in the house will definitely cheer up.



5. Arrange everything in order

Chaotically scattered or heaped into a bunch of things make you feel tired and unhappy. Find each thing your place and try to remove all unnecessary from the field of vision.




6. Paint the walls in yellow

Or at least one wall. The yellow color neutralizes the bad energy and, from the design point of view, looks good: it adds heat and visually expands the space.




7. Say "no" to sharp corners

It's not easy, but it's worth it. Round lamps for fixtures, a dining table, chairs, vases, jewelry boxes will help you maintain positive energy in the house.



8. Add more mirrors

An outdoor, wall or even decorative mirror in each room will not only make it lighter and more spacious, but will also save you from unpleasant sensations. Do not forget that mirrors should be round!




9. Make friends with neutral shades

Bright, saturated colors have a character and make the interior special. But if in everyday life you are already overwhelmed with emotions and impressions, this is not at all what you need. Stay away from too dark and bright colors, choose a pastel for your interior design.



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