How to look fashionable in 2019: 12 tips stylists 2019-05-06 12:40:03
How to look fashionable in 2019: 12 tips stylists

Any woman tries to look beautiful, attractive, unique, especially being close to her beloved man. To achieve all of the above goals and improve self-esteem, you can, following the fashionable advice of stylists. Fashionable trends for this purpose also exist to listen to them.


Do not write off fringed clothes and accessories

Products with fringe are still relevant in 2019. Fringe is allowed everywhere: on a dress, jacket, shoes, accessories. Country style and boho, in which the main focus is on the fringe again at the peak of popularity. Designers went further and offered fashionable women not only clothes, but also fashionable accessories with fringe decor. At the moment, this trend is very popular, since the fringe is able to decorate the everyday look and make a stylish evening out of the ordinary look. Decorations of ethnic orientation will further emphasize the sophistication of products with fringe.



Down with shapeless things and overseas style!

It's time to get rid of shapeless things and clothing in the oversight style. In the upcoming fashionable season of 2019 in a trend fitted clothes, you can even say - close-fitting. Even full women are contraindicated wide products that add extra volume to excess weight. Try to buy fitted clothes.



Bet on the original design of the skirt

Designers and stylists are unanimous in calling for the true appreciation of the original design of a fashionable skirt in 2019, which is characterized by sheer asymmetry. The cut, print, color scale, material, length - all the characteristics of a fashionable skirt are unique and inimitable, and accordingly such images can be created with the help of an original product.



Choosing clothes with a print

Monotonous products are inferior in print to attractiveness. Fashionable clothes with a print have won great popularity among young people. Original designs designers used to create the latest innovations in women's fashion. Awesome abstraction, fashionable black and white stripe, classic cage, romantic flowers will be appreciated by women and the people around them. In clothes with a print you will not be left unnoticed!



Denim clothing for women - the presence of every wardrobe

Every woman in the basic wardrobe must have a denim thing: top or bottom, and ideally both. Designers in 2019 offer stunning denim sleeveless jackets, jackets, trousers and dresses. Denim products are so practical and comfortable that it is difficult to replace them with something. The casual denim look is fascinating because the newer denim models are original and unique. Each designer has something special, extraordinary.



Wear fur products not only in winter, but also in the warm period-2019

Fur is relevant not only in winter, but also with the onset of heat. Even in cool summer it is appropriate to wear fur vests. Unique and stylish fur products, such as coats, purses, perfectly complement the evening look. A woman who wears fur in a warm season looks bright and gorgeous.




Long live transparency not only in shoes, but also in clothes!

Many collections are filled with products from transparent polyethylene material: caps, capes, skirts, shoes and bags. In 2019, stylists consider transparent plastic extremely fashionable, since all transparent products look elegant and attractive. Just do not overdo it with transparency when creating an image, otherwise you risk to look vulgar. Many transparent products are combined with stylistic trends in fashion.




Socks and socks for summer shoes: wildness or virtuoso trend?

Not so long ago, women who wore socks and knee-high socks under sandals looked wild, but today these products are successfully combined with each other when creating cutting-edge images. Society is still not so accustomed to such a peculiar combination, but fashionable catwalks are very often filled with an original duet. If your goal is to create a relaxed and free image, then fashionable knee-highs and sandals are ideal.




Do not be afraid to wear bright shoes

Trend 2019 - bright shoes with high heels. The latest innovations are shoes on a steady, comfortable heel, made in bright colors. It is not necessary to walk on a tall hairpin. If you want to visually lengthen the legs, then wear pants tone-on-tone with shoes. By the way, every inch of heel hides an extra kilogram. So consider what you need to wear heels to visually "write off" excess weight.




Use products with a sharp collar when creating a fashionable image - 2019

Stylists know exactly how to create a beautiful, fashionable and attractive image of a woman. The sharp collar of outerwear will make the image more strict and will give a special highlight. A collar is a detail that directly focuses attention on a woman's face, and a sharp collar has the properties to visually lengthen facial features. Therefore, products with a classic sharp collar are perfect for women with round shapes.




Highlight differently paired earrings

In 2019, it is important to wear a set of earrings, consisting of different models, but made in the same style. And do not chase for cheap jewelry, which mimics expensive jewelry from the latest collections. Cheap metal looks cheap, so buy better plastic jewelry that does not stand out for something expensive.




Practical stylish novelty: toe ring

Rings in 2019 are fashionable to wear not only on the fingers, but also the legs. Particularly impressive is the large ring on the big toe. In the summer, be sure to try to make a trendy accent in the image on a large ring of an open foot.

Sometimes fashion trends just do not fit into the lifestyle of a modern woman. Creativity and originality are relevant in many styles, but within the bounds of decency. Follow fashionable advice, but only when it is permissible.



Following these valuable expert advice you will always look stylish and fashionable without losing your individuality.


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