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How to wear a brooch?

Perhaps, among the great variety of jewelry and bijoux, not only decorative, but also practical function, few accessories can boast. And one of them is a brooch popular at all times. Despite the fact that it was especially popular in the days of the youth of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, one should not underestimate its role in the modern world of fashion and style.


Brooches are not only a beautiful accessory in the wardrobe of fashionistas of various ages, but in skillful pens it is also the most “talking” one. Style icons in this case can be easily considered the former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who even wrote a book about her cast-signs, and who could afford some hooliganism, and Queen Elizabeth II, who always has the rigor of etiquette.


Both ladies are also interesting because they are complete opposites - the queen, of course, wears only expensive jewelry with precious stones (with rare exceptions, which are only one or two), and Mrs. Albright can also afford jewelry, often bought at the airport .


In general, the Queen almost always carries brooches during visits to other countries or the reception of heads of other states, which I would call a “curtsy” towards the receiving party.



If the queen is the personification of English traditions, then Madeleine Albright is their subverter, so to speak about traditions :). She became the first woman US Secretary of State, and few people know that her mother tongue is Czech, she comes from the Czech Republic, and has become an American (US citizen) at the age of 20 years.


And she also created her own never before unseen diplomatic language of brooches. Her jewelry became so famous all over the world that for several months (and for a longer time Mrs. Albright could not part with the brooches) at the Museum of Modern Art and Design in New York (from 2009 to 2010) an exhibition of her brooches was held, which had just resounding success.



Journalists for the first time really started talking about her "language of brooches" after being asked at a press conference at the UN to answer a question about the policy of Saddam Hussein, Albright answered jokingly "Read my brooches!".


Once brooches were used as fasteners or as jewelry for evening, magnificent dresses. But times have changed, there was a huge range of clothes and, accordingly, the ways of wearing brooches and the variety of their appearance has become much more. Therefore, we recommend not to ignore this classic piece to all girls who follow fashion trends.


So how to wear brooches to make it look relevant and original? We present you seventeen ways of wearing this accessory, both with everyday wardrobe and evening wear.


1. On dress

One of the traditional ways of wearing is a brooch attached to the dress. But, remember that it should be the main accessory and should not be “hammered” by other items of jewelery or jewelry. Also avoid wearing brooches with dresses that have a bright embroidery or print.






2. On the lapel of his jacket

Also one of the classic options. If you want to emphasize your individuality, but a strict dress code restricts the options of clothing, you can safely pin a low-key, but sophisticated and original brooch on a jacket.




3. On a coat or cardigan

Especially beautiful brooches look on cardigans, fur coats and coats. Choose an ornament of a suitable size so that it is not lost on outerwear, and at the same time, it is not flashy.





4. On the hat

This is a very unusual, but acceptable way to wear. Attach the brooch to the ribbon of the hat, and this will give the image an extra chic. But here it is important not to overdo it. If it is a straw hat with a bright scarf instead of a ribbon, then the additional accessory will already be clearly superfluous. And if you put on a plain felt hat, then a beautiful brooch will definitely give it grace. In addition, such a hat with a brooch made of stones or rhinestones, can be used as an addition to an evening wardrobe, in combination with a suit or a blouse.




5. On the bag

Also a very original version of wearing. Fasten the brooch on the bag or fasten it with a handkerchief tied on the handle. Again, the handkerchief should be in harmony with the brooch.




6. As a pin for drapery

If you wear drapery outfits, the brooch can serve not only as a decoration, but also as a pin. Wide, "flying" outfits with a similar decoration - a great choice for women with curvaceous shapes. But choose an outfit so that the brooch does not merge with the fabric of your clothes.





7. On the shoulder

Wearing an evening dress or coat, fasten the brooch on the shoulder. This will give alongside solemnity and draw attention to your image.





8. With scarf

Bought a beautiful scarf, but he constantly falls from the wind? Pin in the center of the brooch! This option will be an excellent option for a comfortable and stylish look.





9. With an asymmetrical dress

If you do not know what accessories to choose for things of asymmetrical cut, then boldly attach the brooch to the closed side. It always looks appropriate. It is also worth mentioning that brooches with angular shapes do not always fit large women. Prefer round or oval.




10. On the belt

A large brooch, attached to the middle of the belt, will give it the necessary style. This is especially true if your wardrobe has a high-quality and expensive belt made of genuine leather that you plan to wear for many more years.




11. On shirts and blouses

Again, a marvelous option for strictly dress code. Any blouse and shirt can be complemented with a favorite brooch.




12. As a cameo

Our great-great-grandmothers wore brooches pinned to a high collar strictly in the middle. Do not disregard this option. Get a cameo brooch in retro style and you will get a romantic look with hints of vintage.




13. Under the collar

One of the fashion trends is to wear a brooch attached strictly under the collar. Jokes a stylish brooch on a denim shirt, and wearing a sweatshirt on top, you are guaranteed to get a trendy outfit for every day.





16. Several brooches at the same time

Feel free to combine several brooches together. The main condition - a single style! And, of course, remember that wooden and plastic brooches are not combined with classic or vintage ones.





17. On the hairbands

And finally - a brooch pinned to the rim of fabric. This combination will attract attention to the face and hair. Such a combination would be very appropriate both in everyday clothes and in a festive atmosphere.





Do not miss the chance to experiment with classic decorations and limit your creative imagination only to the frames of good taste. We wish you new discoveries in the world of style and fashion!


What brooches do you wear? Let's discuss!



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