Ideal gifts by the signs of the zodiac - guide for February 14 – Valentine’s day 2018-02-06 13:51:33
Ideal gifts by the signs of the zodiac - guide for February 14 – Valentine’s day

Very soon it will be February 14, and many people are now looking for gifts for their loved ones, asking at the same time a lot of questions. Which gift should I choose? How to surprise? Or maybe I should not surprise, but give something traditional or simply banal? How to show creativity, but do not go beyond the allocated budget, not being perceived as a tight-fisted person?


To help you in your search decided to give some tips on choosing gifts. When selecting a gift, you can rely on many different factors that you know about the recipient of the gift. For example, pick up a gift, guided by the advice of the horoscope.

The sign of the zodiac can tell a lot about the nature and tastes of a person, which means that it will help to find the best gift for each of friends and relatives.



March 21 – April 20

It's easy to see if you guessed with a gift for Aries - they are so expressive! To please them, look into sports shops: clothes for morning jogging, a fashion accessory for mountain skis or even boxing gloves - something of this will surely turn out to be in their taste. In the same logic, pay attention to the latest Sneakers model, stylish overalls or leather jacket - a tribute to such traits of their character as energy and dynamism. For Aries, the personality of the gift is important: it is unlikely that they will be pleased with the "protocol" box of chocolates or banal spirits. By the way, such a person usually knows clearly what he wants, - maybe it's worth asking about it?


April 21 – May 20

This sign of the Zodiac perfectly feels in the material world: Taurus will like everything that can be considered, felt and especially - to taste. In short, the more sensory organs involved, the more fun. At the same time, Tauruses are quite choosy in their preferences - the gift should not be primitive. A good idea can be a basket with a selection of delicacies, fine wine or a beautiful coffee machine. If you give fragrances - it's better glorified brands, for example, such as Chanel or Guerlain. Finally, in the cold season of the year, Taurus should save his throat: a cashmere scarf or a luxurious head scarf from Hermès will not leave them indifferent.


May 21 – June 21

For Gemini, a successful gift is always synonymous with communication. They are not impressed by valuable, but fragile things, especially if they turn out to be bulky or bulky: the main thing that this sign of attention brought joy, created a feeling of a holiday! A thrilling book or a beautiful album; unusual cases and other accessories for a smartphone or tablet; all that will allow you to listen to your favorite music, take photos and share with your friends - that's what you should think about to please the Geminies. Their tastes are very diverse, so the choice is great: tickets to a concert or to a theater will be just as good as a sports subscription, but on condition that you do all this together!


June 22 – July 22

Sensitive Cancer very much appreciates the very fact that someone about him with tenderness thinks and cares. Do not doubt: he will anxiously unfold the packing paper, trying to figure out what feelings you put in this gift. How to give him pleasure? Refer to the most touching associations or memories from childhood: a rare photo of your common past in a beautiful frame; favorite flavor for home; a soft scarf made of angora or a cozy blanket, in which you can wrap yourself together ... In general, "tenderness" and "softness" are key words. Well, if your gift can be kept for a long time - if, of course, it's not sweets or a favorite dish.


July 23 – August 23

Do not even hope to get by with some conventional, formal sign of attention! Born under the sign of Leo, the girl knows perfectly well that her best friends are diamonds, and a man will accurately appreciate the luxury brand of wristwatches. Of course, the budget of the gift may not be so grandiose, but it will probably need a "luxury" prefix. Silk and cashmere, exquisite perfumes and cosmetics, bags and shoes of famous brands, a luxurious spa procedure, a yacht trip or a ticket for a unique concert - the exclusivity of a gift for a Lion is important. Dear Lions, no one promised that it will be easy with you!


August 24 – September 23

Deliver pleasure to the choosy Virgo is very simple and difficult at the same time. First of all, she may be embarrassed by the emphasis on her person. By nature, she is modest and does not want the giver to be bankrupted because of an excessively wide gesture. Therefore, the main definition for a gift is better to consider the word "practical". For example, if it's clothes - then let it be a fashionable cloak that will reliably protect you from the rain; if the gadget is one that will be useful in everyday life. Other ideas: subscription to a developmental training or webinar; an item in a personal collection (Virgo often likes to collect something); accessories for a hobby associated with careful handwork.


September 24 – October 23

If the theater begins with a wardrobe, then a gift for Libra - with its ideal packaging. In addition to aesthetics, which is very dear to them, Libra will always appreciate the thoroughness, care and attention that you have invested in this gift. Remember "Breakfast at Tiffany's?". He, she, a foggy city landscape and the eternal melody of love ... Yes, Libra - incorrigible romance! But this does not mean that they are indifferent to the concepts of luxury and elegance: exquisite earrings, pendant or cufflinks, perfumes or candles with a favorite aroma - anything that will create a magical mood.


October 24 – November 22

In the gift for one of the most mysterious signs of the Zodiac, of course, there must be some mystery. Scorpios will like what is different from the "average" level, which will highlight them against the background of others, emphasize their feature. Prepare and put your surprise in a secret corner or give it away from other people's views, because personal tastes and relationships are very intimate. Here, personality is important in everything - whether it's about clothing, accessories, cosmetics or music preferences. A good idea may be an original art object, an exotic figurine or an abstract picture. Other options: individual horoscope or Ayurvedic massage.


November 23 – December 21

Sagittariuses well understand what "the art of living" is, and adore gifts. The more of them and the more diverse they are, the better: born under this sign of the Zodiac, it is important to receive confirmation that they are popular and versatile individuals. Of great importance is quality: special wine, aromas, ornaments or accessories of worthy brands. Give due tribute to the love of adventure and distant wanderings, which often distinguishes Sagittarius: ethnic pareo or cowboy hat, city quest or air ticket to the other end of the world - the choice depends only on the budget and your imagination.


December 22 – January 20

Sow a reasonable, timeless, high-quality - and you will not miss with a gift for Capricorn. By the way, did you notice how disapprovingly he or she sees off all these shiny wrappers and packing tapes, which after the holiday will go into the garbage bag? A separate problem is to find for a prudent Capricorn such a thing, which he does not have: it seems that everything is already in his property! Therefore, it is worth concentrating on something useful, durable or, at least, unusual: an expensive effective cream or "youth serum"; A rare book or a beautiful antique object; tool or gadget that will make any work convenient by hand or computer.


January 21 – February 20

Exclamations "Class!", "Chic!" and other "Wow!" - that's the unmistakable sign that you guessed with a gift for expressive Aquarius. The field of choice is all unusual, bright, modern, dynamic. The latest gadget that will allow you to speak all the world's languages, learn news and communicate with friends even from space or on the ocean floor, a crazy thing from a trendy designer or a gift made on a 3D printer - the more fantastic and futuristic the idea is, the more she will like it.


February 21 – March 20

The reputation of subtle creatures "not of this world" does not interfere with those born under the sign of Pisces to appreciate good gifts. The main criterion of choice is aesthetics. Other signs are a feeling of lightness and airiness, a mood of magic that creates a gift. It should be an ornament or exciting scent, a flying dress, fishnet stockings or elegant shoes (feet for Pisces - a fairly sensitive area). Great idea - a ticket to a beautiful ballet performance, a luxurious album with the works of your favorite artist, a book of predictions or mystical music for meditation.

These are just a few options for possible gifts, which will be appreciated by the recipient or recipient of the gift. On the basis of these ideas, you can come up with something individual and more creative and valuable that will be liked and will be used with gratitude to the donor.


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