Instruction on how to buy an air conditioner 2018-05-21 15:39:37
Instruction on how to buy an air conditioner

It's time to buy an air conditioner

Nothing but an air conditioner allows us to feel so comfortable, enjoying the coolness on hot summer days. Fans and fans give a temporary relief from the heat and do not cool the entire room. In such heat it can be difficult to be in a room without an air conditioner. This device is very important for residents of cities, in which the temperatures roll off for 35-40 degrees.

But buying an air conditioner is not such an easy task. There are so many brands and models in Baku shops that the choice of a suitable air conditioner is complicated. In the guide prepared by us, you can get some knowledge that will allow you to make your choice.



What are the types of air conditioners?


1. Wall mounted split air conditioner



The most common type of air conditioner, in which there are two parts: one for indoor installation, the other is mounted outside. This type can be installed even in rooms without windows. Along with the almost noiseless work, it can be noted that it takes up a little space, and from the aesthetic point of view it is rather laconic. And models with LED screens look very stylish.



2. Portable air conditioners



For practical cooling of small rooms, you can use similar devices. This type can easily be moved from room to room, since it does not require installation.

In the process of carrying, you need to think about how the hose will go through to drain the water, and you should also consider the possibility of leaks.


3. Conditioners for salons



These devices can be found in shops and offices, since their main purpose is the cooling of large rooms. Despite the large enough dimensions, there is no need for their installation, which in practical terms allows them to be installed in different rooms.



4. Air conditioners of cassette type (fan coil units)



These devices can be found more often in office premises than in apartments. This air conditioner is mounted under the ceiling. If you do not want to spoil the design of the room, give preference to this type. In addition, like a portable air conditioner, this type allows you to cover large rooms.


5. Window airconditioner unit


Because of his noisy work and his place in the window, this type is not popular. It is simply installed in a window and consists of one part. Of the advantages can be noted relatively low price and the possibility of installation in another room.


Important points when buying an air conditioner


1. Preference for the required volume

Buying air conditioning, do not think that the more volume it is able to cool, the better. The size of the device, i. the BTU value indicates its cooling power. The cooling of the studio apartment will be different from the cooling of the 3-room apartment. If you buy a large device for a small room, its power will be wasted.


 2. Pay attention to the noise 

During operation, the air conditioner generates a certain level of noise. In the daytime, this noise can be quite distracting. If you leave the device working at night, and even sensibly sleep, it can have a very bad effect on you.

And if you have thin walls and partitions, then this noise can interfere with your neighbors.


3. Pay attention to the location of your window

Window and wall split air conditioners usually supply air in one direction. If your window is not centered or there is no possibility to install a split in the middle of the wall, this will cause uneven cooling of the room.

Also, take care that nothing covers the front panel of your air conditioner. Otherwise, the device will not give you the expected result.


4. Make sure the air conditioner is installed correctly

Installing the air conditioner is not an easy task. Do not charge the installation of the air conditioner to anyone, including yourself, other than an experienced technician or maintenance personnel. If the pipe of the device is incorrectly installed, a gas leak may occur. If the large parts of the air conditioner are not properly secured, there is a danger of falling.


5. Check the location of the filter

Until you see that the air conditioner filter is installed in an accessible place for the hand, do not rush to purchase the device.

If you use the device frequently, the filter must be cleaned periodically.

In rooms where they smoke, the filter becomes dirty more often. If the filter is dirty, the device can not operate at full capacity.


6. Evaluate the smart cooling settings

With the development of technology, not only mobile devices, but also home appliances are being improved, and in particular conditioners also become smarter. Air conditioners with the ability to control via a mobile phone or with the help of smart clocks and with the function of synchronization with other cooling devices will make your life more convenient and easier.


7. Read the warranty card

Start by receiving and confirming the warranty document. The longer the warranty period, the more economical it will be to replace the parts and call the customer service. The warranty period can also influence your choice. is a site that collected goods for your convenience from various stores in one place and helps you in your choice.

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