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Interesting facts about household appliances

Modern man does not imagine his life without home appliances. Microwave ovens and ovens with automatic cooking and recognition programs, refrigerators that tell you what products to buy, vacuum cleaners that do the cleaning themselves, and much more are no longer science fiction, but reality. Interesting facts about household appliances will tell you when the prototypes of modern instruments were invented and how they looked.

  1. The idea of creating a microwave oven appeared by chance at Percy Spencer. Working in the laboratory, he noticed that the employees were heated metal parts of clothes, and in their pockets melted chocolate in foil, when they passed by the working magnetron. After a series of experiments, a metal box with a magnetron was created, which was intended for heating food. The invention was patented in 1945, and the models, which went on sale in 1947, weighed 340 kg and were 175 cm high.
  2. The first vacuum cleaner was created in Britain in 1901. He was transported by horse-drawn cart, while the apparatus itself remained on the street, and hoses for cleaning carpets were delivered to the client's house. This vacuum cleaner had a power of 5 horsepower and produced very loud sounds that frightened both horses and customers. This invention even received the status of the most stupid invention of the century that had just begun.
  3. The first mechanical whisk appeared in 1870. This device went through several stages of improvement, and in 1910 the first model of a mixer was put on sale in the USA. However, not everyone could buy a novelty, as the cost of a mixer in recalculation for current prices was about 3 thousand dollars, and the device weighed 30 kg.
  4. The first coffee maker with a filter appeared in 1806. In the device boiling water poured onto the ground coffee, which lay in a metal sieve.
  5. Automatic toaster was invented in 1927. This device threw the toasts after a certain period of time, so that they do not burn.
  6. First hand-washing machine was invented in 1782. The mechanism had to be activated by means of a handle. The electric washing machine appeared in 1906.
  7. The first blender was invented in 1922 and was intended for mixing water with syrup and carbon dioxide crystals. As a result, carbonated water with syrup was obtained. Soon the scope of the appliance was greatly expanded. Grind, shred and mash blender could already after the improvement in 1935.



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