Interesting facts about the mirror 2018-09-20 15:41:32
Interesting facts about the mirror

Modern man mirror hardly seems unusual. However, the history of its origin, which originates from the Bronze Age, is amazing. Interesting facts about the mirror will tell not only about the appearance of the first devices for the reflection of light, but also its today's application.

Archaeological finds give rise to talk about the appearance of the first mirrors in the Bronze Age. Then they were made of gold, platinum or tin. However, the beginning of the history of mirrors is usually called the XIII century, when in Europe mastered the technique of blowing glass vessels.

Many people could now envy the people of the 15th century, when Venetian mirrors began to be made. Because of the addition of gold and bronze, they were of the highest quality, but most importantly - the reflections in them were even more beautiful than real objects.

The cost of one such "miracle mirror" was the cost of a small sea vessel. Therefore, only rich people could afford it. Aristocrats were ready to sell one of their estates for the sake of owning a mirror.



The most expensive mirror in the world is the gift of Maria de 'Medici from the Venetian masters. It is decorated with agates and onyxes, and the frame is encrusted with precious stones. Now stored in the Louvre and open to visitors.

Modern mirrors are made according to the technology proposed by the German chemist Justus von Liebig, who started using silver. Thanks to this metal image has become clearer.

Mirrors are used to determine self-knowledge - this is a mirror test, developed in 1970. With its help, scientists identify animals that are able to identify themselves and at the same time distinguish their reflection. It goes through many kinds of monkeys, killer whales, elephants, magpies. As for people, children can take this test from 18 months

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